10 Best Hair Volume Treatments To Keep Your Hair Sleek

While your friends with thick and voluminous hair might envy your two-minute simple styling, life with flat and little to no volume can definitely feel like a tightrope walk. Although you may have a range of treatments at your disposal, applying the incorrect products to your hair to increase volume and texture can have the opposite effect. When it comes to your hair, you’ll discover all types of recommendations. To condition or not to condition, to oil or not to oil. Your mother will urge you to “oil your hair,” while your hairstylist will propose the latest IT trend: “hair spa, strengthening not rebonding, and all that.”

Starting a hair care regimen is similar to getting into a proper skincare routine. You’ll seldom stray once you’ve discovered one that works for you. However, finding that regimen may be difficult, especially when there are so many alternatives for people with the same hair type. Are you ready to commit? Then, here’s a rundown of everything you must know about finding the best hair care routine for you to increase hair volume.

What Exactly Is Hair Volume?

What is hair volume?
What is hair volume?

Voluminous hair is thicker, denser, and fuller, indicating healthy hair development and little hair loss. Your hair will lack volume if it is thin, fine, and lacking strength. Stressful lifestyles, hormonal imbalances, genetics, bad diets, pollution exposure, poor hair care routines, using the wrong hair products, over-styling, and other factors can damage your hair health, resulting in hair loss.

Why Does Your Hair Lack Volume?

There’s more than meets the eye
There’s more than meets the eye

Hair fall results in loss of hair volume, which is caused by dosha vitiation in the scalp.  Different causes, including malnutrition, hormone imbalances, and a bad lifestyle, might cause distinct dosha imbalances in your body, resulting in the following symptoms:

  • Vitiated Kapha results in thick hair becoming greasy and weighs down your strands. This makes your hair appear flat and volumeless.
  • Vitiated Pitta generates excessive heat within your hair follicles, thus affecting your hair. This causes early baldness, graying, and hair thinning. It also causes greasiness in your hair, making it appear less voluminous.
  • Vitiated Vata makes your hair brittle, frizzy, and dry. It also promotes hair thinning, which ultimately leads to hair loss and split ends.

Things To Remember When Curating A Hair Care Routine

The feel of your hair and the styles you want will all influence your hair volume treatment.

How Do You Style Your Hair?

Curating a hair volume treatment depends on how often you wear heat-styled hairstyles; do you frequently use curlers and straighteners to achieve the desired hairstyle?  This is important to consider on your journey to finding the best hair routine to boost & maintain volume.

Has Your Hair Been Bleached Or Chemically Processed?

If your hair has been exposed to color, bleach, or chemicals, you may need to reconsider your regimen.To avoid early color fading, those with colored hair are recommended not to wash it every day.Furthermore, bleached hair will require additional hydration, and a regular hair care routine will not work for you.

The Basics Of Hair Care Routines

6 fundamentals of hair care routines
6 fundamentals of hair care routines

Although your hair type can influence your hair care regimen in certain ways, everyone can benefit from a few fundamental procedures. Keep in mind that a proper hair care routine can increase hair volume.


Cleansing is a delicate balance of eliminating product residue while not stripping your hair of its natural oils.You also don’t want chlorine on your hair if you’re a frequent swimmer. It has more time to rob hair of its natural nutrients and cause damage the longer it sits.


Conditioners offer several advantages. Moisturizing is the most important, although detangling and reducing frizz is all-important. A cationic surfactant is the primary ingredient of a conditioner. When hair is wet, the conditioner sticks to your strands and replenishes the moisture lost during washing.

Moisturizing And Sealing

The moisturizing and sealing is a two-step process that hydrates your hair. This is useful if you have heavy curls that are dry.  Many women incorporate this into their hair care routine and have seen the difference within a few weeks.  The moisturizing and sealing help lock in moisture.


Detangling is critical for preventing damage and making your life much simpler. However, you must use the proper instrument, such as a wide-tooth comb, to avoid accidentally pulling hair out. You may need to detangle every day or much less frequently, depending on your hair type.

Protecting And Styling

Thanks to various heat styling tools and hair products like hair gels, hair extensions & styling sprays, you can wear any hairstyle you want.

Spot Treating

Spot-treating hair simply entails identifying an area that is troubling you and taking action to address it.  For example, if you are tired of your hair being frizzy, you can try a protein-based treatment. Or perhaps you observed that your scalp is particularly dry, so you use a specially formulated nourishing cream to that area.

Experiment To Achieve Volume

Although most individuals follow the above procedures rigorously, there is no one-size-fits-all product or equipment that you must use. Instead, try out a few products to see which ones work best for you.

Cleansing And Conditioning

  • Clarifying shampoos eliminate buildup from the hair and are deep-working shampoo. As they can eliminate natural oils, limit your use to once a month.
  • This shampoo is intended for regular cleaning, but it does not have to be used every day as the name implies, but rather anytime your hair feels like it needs to be cleansed. You must use a shampoo without sulfate, as this ingredient is known to dry out your strands.
  • Rinse-out conditioner: The conditioner you use the most is probably one that rinses out after a few minutes. Applying it to the middle and ends of your hair is recommended, as applying it to the roots might cause a greasy appearance.
  • A Leave-in conditioner is applied in the same way as a regular conditioner but does not require rinsing. This enables a higher amount of nourishment.
  • Deep conditioner: Use a deep conditioner to add even more moisture to your hair. Deep conditioners are meant to be kept in for longer, making them ideal for hair that is prone to dryness and lacks volume.

Tip: A good and proper cleansing and conditioning will help you achieve volume to your hair and achieve numerous hairstyles.

Moisturizing And Sealing

  • A cream-based moisturizer can help prevent hair from breakage and dryness after it has been washed and conditioned. It also has a soft, non-stiff grip.
  • When it comes to oil, a small amount goes a long way. It locks in moisture and strengthens strands by enhancing the natural oils in your hair.


  • Brushes come in a variety; some women find bristles too harsh on their hair, so they opt for a plastic alternative. Avoid over-brushing your hair. Once a day is typically plenty.
  • Use a detangling spray beforehand if tears well up when brushing and detangling. Regardless of your hair type, it is common side-effect women experience when they are detangling their hair.
  • Hair serum is a fantastic way to manage knots. Detangling hair serums can also further condition your hair and make detangling a seamless job.

Styling And Protecting

  • Mousse may seem dated, but contemporary mousse gives structure and volume to your hair, as well as the ability to accentuate curls. Furthermore, it does not leave sticky or clumpy residues.
  • If you are experiencing limp hair, then a volumizer is a great tool because it lifts your hair from the roots and provides a voluminous look.
  • Spray on some heat protection. You need to preserve your strands whether you’re using a hairdryer or a curler. Heat protectants form a barrier to keep you safe from the sun’s rays and heat damages from heat styling tools.

Note: Although the benefits of consistent hair routines and some style products can be seen right away, you won’t see significant changes right away. New products take time for your hair to adjust to. This might take up to a week in some situations. However, it may take at least a month for dry or damaged hair to see results.

Haircare products such as shampoo and conditioner should be used first, then use a volumizer or mousse, followed by a shine serum. Ensure that the final product you use for your hair is the one that locks in moisture.

Additional Care Tips To Increase Hair Volume

  • Swap hair care products as the season change to help you in your journey of hair volume treatment.
  • Use warm water instead of hot to prevent your stands from losing moisture.
  • Eat a balanced diet to achieve volume. Include protein and omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Avoid using heat styling tools and tight hairstyles, including tight buns and ponytails.
  • Increase hair volume by massaging your scalp with lukewarm oil.
  • Include Indian gooseberries in your hair mask as they are known as a volume booster.
  • Use hair extensionsto achieve volume temporarily if you are new to extensions and wigs. Diva Divine has a variety of hair extensions that will aid you in the journey to achieving volume.

The Bottom Line

Remember that, in addition to these hair volume routines, your dietary habits and diet play a vital part in influencing the amount and quality of your hair.To keep your hair voluminous, you must maintain a healthy and clean lifestyle with minimal stress levels and exposure to hazardous environmental conditions. Commitment, consistency, and patience are crucial to achieving volume. Wear clip-in hair extensions to achieve volume while you work to increase hair volume!

Visit one of Diva Divine’s hair stores or shop online for hair extensions that will provide a fuller and voluminous look.

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