10 Ideas for Generating Non-Room Revenue at Your Hotel

Having your hotel rooms occupied to the brim is a great way to generate revenue. But your hotel has so much more revenue generation potential if you have the right ideas for hotel business. All your hotel revenue generating ideas don’t always have to be related to your room. This means you need to think of ideas hotels can use other than selling their room and earn profits. This could mean selling hotel pool towels from D-ZEE Textile and more.

We are sharing with you 10 ideas for generating non-room revenue at your hotel to maximize your hotel revenue in every way.

1.      Utilizing Lunch and Dinner Services:

When you have an amazing kitchen team, a running restaurant, bar, and café, you want to utilize them for more than just the guests staying at your hotel. Offer lunch and dinner services, make a space in the community for people to visit you when they want to have good food.

2.      Local Business Partnerships:

Your guests don’t know your city like you do. Pair up with local businesses, promote them, sell tickets, and earn through that. It builds a community between everyone in the market with a mutual goal and respect.

3.      Host Your Own Classes:

One of the best hotel ideas is to utilize all your experts. Host different classes such as cooking or housekeeping classes to earn more and help people achieve a hotel style living at home.

4.      Go Beyond Weddings:

One of the best hotel revenue generating ideas is to think of events that are not limited to weddings. This could mean bridal or baby showers, birthdays, different events that happen around town. Open your rental space to more people to earn more.

5.      Profit Through Hotel Products:

Guests love those plush hotel towels, selling hotel products is one of the best ideas for hotel business. You can source them through your own suppliers and sell them on top for extra revenue. This is also a great idea to sell as gift sets.

6.      Utilize That Extra Room:

Look into rooms which are not being used regularly; one of the best 10 ideas for generating non-room revenue at your hotel is to rent them out. You can have different people use them to host their events, or even classes.

7.      Rent Parking Spaces:

Parking spaces are important, by offering a valet service or rented parking you can earn much more. Especially guests traveling by car would prefer places that have economical parking spaces.

8.      Focus on Your Local Community:

Your local community is looking for places to go to all year round. Offer different packages and ideas centralized around entertaining them.

9.      Spa & Gym Services:

Your spa and gym services when offered to guests and local communities opens up more revenue generation opportunities than you would have thought. Put them to proper use.

10.   Pool Services:

If you have a pool, you can offer swimming classes or even create a monthly membership plan for the locals to use.

Do you have any other ideas for hotel business other than the 10 ideas for generating non-room revenue at your hotel we have shared above? Let us know in the comments below.



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