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First of all, what is WordPress? According to Wikipedia “it is a content management system or CMS (for its acronym in English, Content Management System) focused on the creation of any type of site . ” Today WordPress has undoubtedly won the hearts of billions of people.

What is WordPress used for? It was initially used to create blogs, however today there are millions of companies that use it to have their corporate websites and also their own virtual stores through which they sell everything. In fact, WordPress is currently the most used CMS in the world.

Who uses WordPress? Most of the people who create WordPress sites are developers, designers, journalists, and entrepreneurs.

Some interesting facts:

1 out of 4 sites in the world uses WordPress (specifically 26% of the sites in the world )

409,000,000 people visit WordPress sites monthly

22.3 billion pageviews (pageviews) monthly

More than 2.5 billion posts have been written on sites using WordPress

* All these data are reports and statistics for this year, 2016 from DMR stats

Reasons why you should learn WordPress

  1. It is FREE,

  this means that you can use it as you want for free and this is because it is open source, which means that the owner of WordPress is not an XX person and / or company but that we are all owners and can cooperate in the development of that CMS. Today there are more than 26 thousand templates and more than 31 thousand free plugins that you can use now! * Templates are design basis to make your website easier to make look beautiful. * Plugins are tools that you can use to insert functionalities such as contact forms, insert Facebook elements, etc.

2.Earn money, 

there are several ways you can use to generate money through WordPress. Among the most used are: sell sites and / or virtual stores, have your own site with good content and charge for advertising, create your own templates and sell them, sell plugins, etc.

3.Getting a job, 

given the advancement of technology and the importance that the web has taken for companies, adds up to a lot that people handle wordpress, since many of them use it and also because it helps a lot in support to generate new ideas.

4.Your life, it 

is key to nourish yourself with knowledge day by day and something essential in these times is to know how to create websites, something that could help you to have your own cv online and help a lot if you want to start. In fact, it is used a lot for Growth Hacking (strategies to grow your money while spending as little as possible).

5.It is easy to use and learn,

 one of the great advantages that WordPress has over other systems, is a friendliness to do things and learn.

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6.It is friendly with the search engines (SEO), 

this is something key for everyone. The most important thing about your sites and virtual stores is that the people who are looking for you find you and WordPress is very loved by search engines since its structure is easy to track.

7.It is safe,

being the most popular CMS, for hackers it is quite striking, however WordPress security is taken very seriously.  You can practice some basic security measures yourself, such as not downloading templates and plugins from untrustworthy sites, in addition


  something key when you are building a website is its ability to integrate with other platforms such as sending emails, payments, etc.

9.Numerous solutions for e-commerce,

its potential is not only for sites that show information but also for you to create your own stores and you can generate money through the internet. For this there are numerous solutions, among them the most popular ones that allow you to quickly sell products / services and generate money, are for example   WooCommerce ,  WP eCommerce  or  Shopify.

10.Universal platform, 

WordPress stands out as a universal platform. The wordpress dashboard is always the same, you don’t need to hire experts to train you or your clients on this. What gives the great advantage of being able to sell sites and virtual stores as self-managed, something that is widely sought in the market.

11. Keep improving,

you must be clear that WordPress will always keep improving constantly. This is because it is open source and there is a very large community, committed to the continuous improvement of WordPress.


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