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12 Virtual Employee Engagement Event Ideas

Amidst the times of work-from-home culture and Covid-19 restrictions, employee engagement has become even more difficult. The world has suffered from the side-effects of the pandemic, which includes disrupted workflow and grown impatience. Therefore, we need to put in extra effort to keep your employees engaged in the event.

To assist with the process, we have covered some of the top virtual employee engagement event ideas that will help you host a fun, exciting, and engaging event for your remote attendees.

What is a Virtual Employee Engagement Event?

A virtual employee engagement event is nothing but a team-building event organized in a virtual format to have a memorable event experience with all your employees. The purpose of organizing this event is to engage your team and address the dynamic trends at work. Your employees don’t just look forward to when their salary comes, but also to the times they are appreciated and rewarded for their hard work.

To put it in simpler words, an employee engagement summit is directly linked to your attendees feeling pleased, which further ensures greater productivity and better performance.

15 Unique Virtual Employee Engagement Ideas

#1 Virtual Rewards and Recognition

Organizing a session dedicated to rewarding and appreciating your employees is one of the most effective ideas to entice your attendees and maximize your employees’ satisfaction levels. Even though your employees are present at remote locations, they need to know and feel that their contributions to the company are appreciated.

It will not only keep your employees engaged but also encourage them to perform better. With the lack of this practice, i.e., recognizing your teammates for their extra efforts, there are chances that they will feel disengaged and detached.

#2 Virtual Scavenger Hunt

Virtual scavenger hunt stands amongst the top virtual games that can effectively enhance engagement at your virtual employee engagement summit. With the help of this session, your attendees can get the much-needed opportunity to interact and connect with their teammates. It will also help your attendees to get to know their colleagues that they don’t interact with every day.

#3 Provide Excellent Interactive Opportunities

Providing various interactive opportunities is one of the best ways to keep your attendees engaged in the event. An advanced virtual event platform is well-equipped with top-notch interactive tools that can render your attendees a matchless engaging experience. For example, Dreamcast is a renowned virtual event platform that provides you with the leading interactive features like live polls, Q&A sessions, multi-format communication, social wall, etc.

#4 Photo Booth

Setting up a virtual photo booth is another excellent idea to enhance your virtual employee engagement event. Most of your attendees would love to capture moments at the event. With the help of social media integration tool, your employees can also post the pictures clicked in the photo booth directly to their social media handles. With the help of a photo booth, you also get the chance at branding your company. This way, when your employees share their pictures on social media platforms, your reach gets maximized.

#5 Allow Regular Breaks

A long session can lead to a tedious event experience for your employees, and there is a possibility that they will leave the event in between. To avoid this, provide frequent mini-breaks in between the event so your attendees can freshen up and come back to participate in the rest of the online event. Frequent breaks will also help in boosting your attendees and encourage them to be involved in the event. Along with providing breaks during the event, you can try to shorten the sessions to ensure that your employees have an engaging experience.

#6 Virtual Escape Room

Virtual Escape Room can be an excellent way to team building and engage employees. While solving the exciting puzzles and quizzes to escape the room, your attendees can bond and interact to build valuable connections. You can also create different sets of teams to play the game.

#7 Healthy Habits Challenge

While many got used to various healthy habits because of the pandemic, many got distracted from the same. Hence, you can introduce the engaging healthy habits challenge to motivate your attendees to develop healthy habits. For example, maintaining a meal schedule, exercising, drinking enough water, practicing yoga, going for walks. Every time your attendees complete a challenge, you can reward them with gift cards or offers.

#8 Acknowledging Small Wins

Why just acknowledge the big wins and not the smaller ones? Dedicate a session to acknowledging your employees’ small achievements. During the session, your attendees can one by one, share their achievements and stories. You can also create a permanent chat group dedicated to this activity.

#9 Celebrate Work Anniversaries

Celebrating your employees’ work anniversaries and gifting them with goodies and presents that day can be an effective way to engage and encourage them. Your employees have devoted their time and efforts to the company, and they deserve appreciation for this.

#10 Virtual Icebreaker Questions

Organizing an event dedicated to icebreaking questions and games will further add to the efficacy of your online event. Games like ‘Would you rather’ and ‘who is most likely to’ are the two games through which you can effectively engage your employees and help them get to know and bond with each other.

#11 Virtual Meals

Spend time while having meals from your remote locations but together over a screen. You can also send your attendees free or discount coupons to various outlets so they can have a collective feeling of having your meals together like a team at a workplace.

#12 Virtual Trivia

Organize an exciting virtual trivia session that captivates your attendees’ attention. The trivia game can be based on different categories like music, games, movies, TV shows, sports, trending memes, etc. For example, your questions can include- guess the song, guess the movie, complete the dialogue, complete the lyrics, etc. You can also use interactive tools like emoji reactions, and raise hands to smoothen the flow of your event games.

Looking forward to hosting a successful virtual employee engagement event? Reach out to Dreamcast and book a demo today!

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