17 helpful tips for travelling with carry on luggage

If you’re like most people, chances are you travel by plane at least once in your life. The problem with flying (and airports) is that they often seem chaotic and complicated to the average traveller. One of the biggest frustrations for travel enthusiasts is dealing with heavy luggage. That’s why it’s important to travel light if possible… but how do you travel without checking luggage?

1. Plan your travel carefully

Most of the time, it’s necessary to check  luggage. However, there are times when travelling light is possible (or even preferable). If you travel with carry on only , you can avoid long lines at the airport – which means less time spent waiting and more time enjoying your trip!

2. Pack travel-friendly clothing

One way to travel very light is not to plan on bringing anything that needs to be laundered. To prepare for your trip, buy some travel clothes . *These clothes should preferably have a universal design so as to hide stains and dry quickly.* There are some really nice travel clothes available online. If you travel frequently, it may be worth it to invest in travel clothes .

3. Pack your travel documents carefully

Keep your travel documents together in a special document holder or small travel bag so you can find them quickly when you need them. Use plastic pouches to keep the different components of your travel document holder together and well organized.4. Roll your clothes

Rolling is a great way to save space in travel luggage because it allows you to pack more clothing into less space. Using travel compression bags can help too!

5. Put travel items inside shoes

Don’t waste room by putting travel items (like underwear, shirts and socks) inside shoes; instead, put them around the inside of your shoes. If you travel with travel compression sacs , this is a great use for them!

6. Wear travel accessorizes

Wear travel items like scarves and belts that double as travel accessories . Scarves and belts are great because they can be looped through other clothing or used to hold together different layers of travel clothes. Scarves are especially travel friendly because they can hide stains and provide warmth to travellers during the harsh winter months.

7. Take travel essentials with you

Chargers, adaptors and travel adapters – take them all! If you travel frequently, it’s worth buying travel items that will allow you to charge multiple devices at once . You can use travel items like travel converters and travel plug adapters to charge electronics from different global outlets.

8. Disguise travel essentials in regular drinking bottles, jars or containers

You can easily disguise regular drinking bottles, travel shampoo bottles, travel toothpaste tubes and other easy-to-carry travel essentials in a small cosmetics bag or toiletry travel bag.

9.Pack travel-friendly toiletries

To save even more room in your travel luggage, use travel-friendly travel toiletries . Toiletries like travel shampoo and travel conditioner can be packed in small travel bottles or travel tubes with a secure screwcap. These types of toiletries are also available as solid tablets for those who travel with carry-on only.

10. Use travel clothes for shoes and other travel items

If you travel frequently, it’s worth investing in travel clothing . You can even use travel pants as travel underwear ! Once you’ve reached your destination, you can use travel pants to hold together layers of clothes or to disguise dirty laundry while travelling during the harsh winter months.

11. Take travel-sized entertainment items that double as travel essentials

Use travel-friendly travel gadgets and travel accessories to keep you entertained while travelling on a carry-on only flight! Your entertainment travel essentials should include travel games, travel books , travel iPod speakers and your favourite music . These types of travel electronics are easy to travel with because they can be used away from travel electrical outlets.

12. Use travel compression sacs to pack travel accessories

Travel travel travel! We all know you’ve got a lot of travel items that need travelling, but usually not enough room in your carry-on for them all! That’s where travel travel equipment like travel compression sacs come in handy. Use travel travel travel travel travel compression sacs to pack your travel travel travel essentials!

13. Fold a garbage bag around clothing

If you have a lot of bulky items, like winter coats and boots, use a garbage bag to cover them instead of packing them or trying to squeeze them into your carry-on travel luggage. If you travel with travel travel travel travel travel compression sacs , you can use them to keep the garbage bag in place.

14. Roll and pack underwear and socks

It’s a well-worn clothing packing travel travel travel travel travel travel tip, but it works! Use travel rollers or pack your underwear and socks by rolling up each travel travel travel travel travel travel piece into small bundles that will fit into your carry-on travel luggage.

15. Pack lighter travel clothing on top of heavier travel items

Pack your most travel wearables on top of your most bulky travel items so they provide extra support . If you place the heaviest item on bottom, next to the wheels, it will travel travel travel travel travel travel support the weight of all your travel essentials.

16. Pack clothing around bulky travel items

Pack your carry-on luggage with travel essentials around your most bulky items, like winter coats , so they are easy to grab when you get on or off a airplane . If you pack bulky travel accessories in an easily accessible travel travel travel travel travel travel part of travel luggage , you’ll also be more likely to travel travel travel travel travel travel use them while travelling.

17. Use a money belt or hidden pocket

While it’s great to carry credit cards, cash and other important documents in your carry-on luggage, it’s not safe! Get into the habit of travel travel travel travel travel travel using a money belt or hidden pocket to hide your travel travel travel travel travel money and carry-on travel essentials. Many travel accessories have hidden pockets so you can keep your valuables safe while travelling.

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