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iCustomboxes is one of the leading food packaging companies which provide you with stylish and elegant boxes which enhance your food quality and keep it safe from different diseases. Packaging is not only important for food but also for every item you are using in your daily life. Packaging plays an important role while shipping. Our company is making eco-friendly boxes which are budget-friendly at the same time. Custom food boxes are durable and long-lasting. You can use these boxes for a long time.

We are giving so many options of our custom food boxes to our potential customers. They can use it according to their need and requirements. Our professional team is also available to help them in this manner.
We have a wide range of boxes some of them are given below:

•Double-wall tuck front boxes
•Four Corner Cake boxes
•Gable box auto bottom
•Tray and sleeve boxes
•Two-Piece Boxes
•Auto Bottom tray
•Five-panel hanger boxes
•1-2-3 Bottom
•Reverse Tuck End boxes
•Display Boxes

Our potential customers order custom food boxes according to their requirements. Our enthusiastic team tries their level best to solve every query of its customers and satisfy them so that they become our regular customers.

Ideal Packaging for fresh and crispy Food:

Packaging is considered very important for every product or food item which we use in our routine life. The basic purpose is to keep the product safe for a long time. Our company presents different variations of packaging which is used by different fast-food chains and restaurants. This packaging keeps the food safe, fresh, and crispy while shipping. In recent times, there is a huge competition in every fast-food chain and restaurant, they prefer to use quality material for their packaging.

Because if they use quality material then it protects the food from bacteria and keep it safe and hot while shipment.  Packaging has also become a popular business these days. Everyone demands their packaging attractive as packaging speaks for its brand and also for its food.

Make your Food the Luscious One for Foodies and Convince them to Buy

There are many Food chains available in the market. everyone has their packaging according to their business. They order their packaging from us. Our professional team helps them to design their package box in such a tempting and attractive way. We also ask them their opinion about how they want their packaging box. Our professional advice is given to our potential customers that they should make their custom food packaging attractive that’s not only a protection for food but also its a source of attraction for customers.

Because if your packaging grabs their attention then they also want to make their packaging from their desirable company. we convince our customers to buy packaging from our company and try our best to make them a happy client. we are also giving huge discounts to those who buy the packaging in bulk.

Custom Food Boxes are unique and are famous for their discrete shape

Our company made food boxes in such a unique and stylish way that it automatically grabbed the attention of its potential customers. We are making boxes in different shapes and sizes. Every company buy custom food boxes according to their requirement and need. We also ask about their opinion and work on it the way they want it to be. Our professional also remains in contact with the customer while making the packaging and tells them each detail of the box. We are using different techniques to make your custom food packaging unique. These techniques are as follows:

•Embossing and debossing
•Spot UV
•2D and 3D Printing
•Digital Printing
•Matte Finishing
•Soft Coating

We are using Cardboard material which is recyclable and eco-friendly as well. It is budget-friendly for our customers. Our company offer discounts and falloff for companies who order us in bulk.. We also offer free shipping to them.
We also offer proof to those who want their packaging uniquely and stylishly. Our professionals guide them in this regard.

We are also giving custom food boxes to our potential customers at wholesale rates.

Custom Food Boxes are the first impression that your fast food

Packaging plays an important role in creating an impression among its customers. If your packaging looks attractive then it automatically talks about its brand and it becomes a source of attraction for its potential customers. Blank cereal boxes are considered the first impressions for people who take their food at home. If your Boxes looks presentable then it’s a source of expanding one’s business.

In this competitive atmosphere, every brand or fast food tries its level best to design its custom food boxes uniquely because it helps them to grow its business and make new customers on daily basis. If they satisfy from our work they will definitely giving us their orders in future as well.

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