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3 Ways to Enjoy Turmeric, Including Turmeric Capsules

Around the world, people know turmeric for its vibrant yellow color and earthy aroma. Many praise turmeric for the positive impact it can have on the body, notably helping to support a healthy inflammatory response within the body. In many ways, turmeric is a multi-purpose spice that can help many people and support a variety of lifestyles. If you want to do more to incorporate turmeric into your daily life, there are a few things you can try. You can take turmeric capsules, which offer a simple way to get turmeric into your diet, and you can also explore different options through cuisine. Here are a few easy ways to welcome turmeric into your life and take advantage of its influence on well-being.

Use Turmeric as a Seasoning

Next to taking turmeric supplements, this is one of the quickest and easiest ways to incorporate the spice into your daily diet. All you have to do is create your own turmeric seasoning blend. For example, it might be a blend of turmeric, salt, pepper, and paprika. Making a seasoning blend can take a little trial and error, especially in getting the flavor just right, but you’ll end up with a versatile mix. Once you have it, you can use it as you like. Turmeric’s flavor works with many different dishes. Dash it on chicken or roasted veggies. Or use it to season rice. Basically, you can add it to any dish that can use an earthy, yet peppery kick.

Try Turmeric Essential Oil

Essential oils are favorites in the wellness community. You can find a variety of different essential oils to serve different purposes, including turmeric. The best turmeric essential oil can provide all of the aforementioned uses in a different form factor. If you want to infuse turmeric into your home atmosphere, try diffusing it. With only a few drops, soon, you can fill your room with the spicy, warm, woody aromas of turmeric. This can help encourage a more positive atmosphere in your home. In addition to diffusing turmeric essential oil, you can enjoy it internally in some cases to help support a healthy inflammatory response. Along with enjoying turmeric as a spice, try incorporating turmeric essential oil into your routine for a well-rounded approach.

Go Simple with Turmeric Capsules

Many suggestions on how to incorporate turmeric into your daily diet require you to cook. However, we don’t always have the time we need to make that happen—as delicious as it could be. Instead, one of the simplest ways to get turmeric into your diet is with turmeric capsules. It really doesn’t get any more efficient than that! Just take a turmeric capsule and go. This is ideal for those who don’t like the flavor or aroma of turmeric, but still want to get the most out of the spice, including its helpful influence on our body’s inflammatory response. The best turmeric capsules feature a blend of CPTG Certified Pure Tested Grade turmeric essential oil and turmeric extract. Make them a part of your morning routine, and turmeric will be a staple for years to come.

About doTERRA

Since 2008, doTERRA has been committed to bringing essential oils to the world. They’ve built a reputation developing CPTG Certified Pure Tested Grade essential oils that can be used in a variety of ways. doTERRA essential oils are safe, effective, and versatile. From their frankincense oil to their turmeric supplements, the oils are rigorously tested, so you and your loved ones can enjoy only the purest essential oils of the highest quality. doTERRA is also dedicated to the vast community of people who make pure doTERRA essential oils possible, from those who grow the plants and process the botanicals to those who ensure your favorite aromas arrive at your home, ready to make a difference in your day.

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