49 Ideas To Make With Scraps Of Fabric

Ideas To Make With Scraps

If you like sewing, chances are you have some leftover fabric. You are not always going to have the perfect amount of fabric for a design. If you’ve often wondered what to do with all that loose scraps of fabric, we’ve got plenty of ideas for you.

Toilet paper case

Create an adorable little case for your toilet paper. To keep your toilet paper dry and provide it with proper support, tie a looped cord to itself with a bit of fabric. The versatility, ease of storage, and longevity of such an accessory will allow you to enjoy it for many years.

A designer handbag

Use a pattern and juxtapose your patchwork fabric pieces to create a multicolored surface. Consider sewing accessories on the surface of your bag or embroidering patterns on it to give it a more refined, more modern look.

Decorative fabric cushion

Dress up any room with beautiful fabric accent pillows that you can make from additional fabric in the same or contrasting colors.

Make your own kitchen towel

These are so adorable and very helpful. Make your own hooks to hold them in place. They are practical and easy to make. You just need some fabric and you can decorate them however you like. You can get creative, and, imagine how great it would be to give them as gifts.

Marble necklace

Tie pieces of fabric around the beads to create pretty necklaces. They are perfect to give as gifts during the holiday season or have them in different colors to match all of your favorite outfits.


This keyring is easy to make, especially since it is the perfect fashion accessory for teenagers. The best part? It literally takes only five minutes to make and only needs a small piece of fabric.

Cuddly pillow

For those who like huge pillows, this one allows you to use a lot of leftover fabric.

Children’s belts

You can create cute belts for your child that will look great on them by using a simple strip of fabric and a “D” ring.

Cloth rag mat

Use tons of fabric scraps to create a charming rag rug that you can place by your kitchen sink or use as a bath mat.

Fabric book covers

Do you have a favorite book that has been worn out from reading? Or maybe you’re trying to stick to a certain color scheme on your bookshelf? Cover your books with beautiful pieces of fabric, and create harmony in your bookcase.

Scented sachets

These scent sachets would be perfect for those tiny pieces of fabric. Throw one in each dresser drawer for a fresh-smelling wardrobe.

Fabric wall decoration

If you have an empty wall, decorate it with a few embroidery circles with pieces of fabric, colored

Custom carpet for your room

Make a rug out of those tiny little scraps of fabric you have at the back of your sewing closet. You can customize the colors according to the room you are going to put it in.

Fabric decoration for your terracotta pots

Dress up your plant pots in the blink of an eye with colorful fabric scraps, and create an original atmosphere in your garden.

Fabric pocket for headphones

Your headphones get tangled easily, protect them by making one of these whimsical round headphone cases. The zipper allows easy access to the headphones. Add a metal ring to keep them with your keys.

Personalized headband for your loose hair

You can design a twisted headband using a piece of stretchy fabric, which will look best on your hair. Try a floral print for a dressier occasion or use a solid fabric to make a headband that keeps your hair out of your face during your workout. Protect your wooden table tops by creating a set of pretty fabric coasters.


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