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5 Common HP Printer Errors and their Solutions

HP Printer is a popular brand and widely used for businesses and home use. These printer devices offer a simple interface so the user can easily access them. HP printers are robust and the user can connect them to certain devices. But you can get common HP Printer Errors while using an HP Printer.

Common HP Printer Errors on the Devices

  1. HP printer is not printing
  2. HP printer is running slow
  3. Unable to connect the printer to PC
  4. HP Printer Error Code 0xc4eb8004
  5. The printer is giving faded printouts

Troubleshooting Steps of Common HP Printer Errors

HP Printer is not Printing

The Not Printing error on the HP Device can appear often. Whenever the printer stops working, the user should restart it. Your device may show issues when some services stop working. To run those services, the user has to restart the device. Restart the HP printer and its services; now reconnect the printer. Give the correct print command and check for your HP Printer Errors.

HP Printer is Running Slow

The user faces speed issues on the HP Laptop when it gets old. The printer’s speed will decrease with time. But when the printer shows speed issues on a new device then check the connecting cable. For good speed, the user will require high-quality cable. Don’t use other devices’ cables on the printer. The speed will improve when you use a high-speed cable. Your printer’s speed will get affected when you switch from cable to wireless printing.

Slow connection means slow printing. For improving the printer’s speed on the network, keep the HP printer near the router. If the printer seems slow then you should use the cable for connection. When the printer is old, you can increase the speed by changing the printing mode. If you use the low (draft) quality mode, the HP printer starts using less ink and prints with good speed. But this mode is only good for printing simple documents. When you need high-quality printouts, you have to switch the mode to normal or high. 

HP Printer Error Code 0xc4eb8004

The user can get an error code on the HP printer when its driver is not working. Without the correct printer driver, your HP device will not do anything. It can’t read the commands without the driver. To fix HP Printer Error Code 0xc4eb8004, the user should check for the printer driver immediately. If the driver is not working, repair it. Use a driver repair program that can fix the corrupted files of the HP printer driver.

For an easy fix, the user can reinstall the driver. Go to the computer and open the Apps tab. Remove the HP printer driver from the PC. Now install a new driver and run it on the device. While sharing the HP printer on the network, the user often forgets to install the driver on all systems. You can only access the printer when you have the correct driver on the system.

Unable to Connect the Printer

The printer shows connection issues when the cable is not working. For the connection, change the cable. The printer doesn’t work on a low-speed cable (phone cable). The slots may be the same but the printer requires a good speed cable. Remove the cable and inspect it for any damage. Don’t use a cable with any kinks.

If the HP printer is on the network, check for the connected router. If the router is not working, connect the HP printer to another network. You have to keep the HP printer near the router for the connection. Also, restart the WPS pin as sometimes it gets disabled automatically. After restarting, go to the HP printer and check the network list. Choose the correct network and connect the printer.

HP Printer is Giving Faded Printouts

The printer gives faded printouts when the ink level is low. The print head receives less ink and prints look faded. You have to refill the ink on the printer. But when the HP printer has a good amount of ink and the printer is still giving faded printouts then check the printhead. The clogged printhead can’t work properly.

You have to remove all the ink from the head. Go to the Printers and Scanners page and select your HP printer. Now select Printing Preferences and hit on the Service tab. Choose Printer Services and select the Clean Printheads. Run the function and the printhead will get cleaned. The user can also clean the head manually. After cleaning, your printer will provide quality printouts. 


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