5 Fantastic Dining Spots in Mall of the Emirates!!!

True! Your visit is incomplete without visiting one of the leading malls in Dubai, called Mall of the Emirates. when does not only give you an awesome shopping experience, in fact, it also lets you enjoy the best cuisines offered by various restaurants. This is just a myth that eating in any mall in Dubai is very expensive, so you should never get influenced by it otherwise you fail to make your trip the best one. With having dozens of dining options, this specific mall is also considered the foodie heaven; hence, you should consider treating your taste buds with delicious foods there, you can also consider Expo 2020 Dubai Voucher.

The popularity of these restaurants will go to the next high level because of the ongoing Expo 2020 Dubai. You should also attend this global event and get a chance to enhance your network by with interacting the world’s leading entrepreneurs and business leaders.

Other than that, you can also participate in various fun activities there but before that, you should have Expo 2020 Dubai Voucher.

In this blog, you come across some best dining spots in the Mall of the Emirates, so you should note down all of them and never forget to try quality foods after shopping.


If you are fond of eating Mexican cuisine then you should visit this ideal place and it is very budget-friendly; therefore, everyone in Dubai goes there for having an awesome dining experience.

It has an incredible menu that has a huge variety of dishes, so go with the one that attracts you a lot. Dubai is the most authentic place to try out Mexican cuisine.

It is also the one-stop solution when it comes to having the perfect breakfast. If you talk about its specialties, so you find tacos, quesadilla, salads, and burritos, so try them out and end up with a perfect and delicious meal.

One thing is so sure that throughout the Expo 2020 Dubai, its income will increase constantly as tourists arriving for this exhibition will definitely get attracted to its delicious dishes while visiting the Mall of the Emirates.

You should also take out time for going to this biggest exhibition but having Expo 2020 Dubai Voucher is essential for you.


By its name, you can find easily that its main courses consist of chicken and it is one of the biggest reasons to become popular in the city.

Yes, its rates are also very reasonable, making it the perfect choice for everyone in Dubai. Its workers and chefs are very passionate to satisfy its valued customers with a huge variety of dishes.

There is no second opinion that no other restaurant can beat it when it comes to dishes comprising of chicken, so plan to visit this stunning dining place.

While visiting it, you should not overlook its tasty fried and grilled chicken options that improve your taste buds entirely. In order to maintain quality, its chefs are very much focused to use quality ingredients, so it should be your consideration for the unmatched meal.

While digging out its specialties, you find peri-peri chicken, French fries, Korean barbecue chicken, chicken buckets,s and much more. It means that now you cannot ignore visiting this biggest hub of chicken dishes in Dubai.


Yes, it is the best place for all the steak lovers in the town and you should also go there and eat its unbeatable steaks without bringing any burden on a wallet.

It is the USA’s fast-food chain that is very popular for its steak sandwich. It is the best option for the lunch in Dubai. Like other dining spots mentioned in the list, it is also not expensive; hence, everyone feels free to order anything there.

You can also visit it for having a perfect breakfast and its breakfast menu consists of beef bacon, smoked turkey, sausages, hash browns, cheese, and eggs. Stop thinking anymore and plan for a wonderful breakfast.

With enjoying its steak sandwiches, you should try Turkish cheddar melt as well as gourmet fries that have also contributed to the popularity of this restaurant.


It is another unavoidable option when it comes to restaurants in the Mall of the Emirates. And above all, its prices are also very reasonable. It means that you must eat a delicious meal there and make your visit to this mall memorable.

Indeed, it is the authentic place to enjoy Korean cuisine in Dubai and its dishes consist of quality ingredients, making it the best dining option for people in Dubai.

There, you should try bulgogi beef, kimchi, kalbi chicken, damaging Jeong, and many other dishes within your budget. For developing a taste for Korean cuisine, visiting it is a must for everyone in Dubai.


By its name, you can easily find that it offers Indian cuisine in the city and no doubt.

It has got huge popularity and in the evening, you find it very crowded, revealing its unmatched fame.

In this restaurant, you get a chance to enjoy the street food of Mumbai, so what are you waiting for? Go there and enjoy the rich Indian cuisine.

While opening its menu, you explore chaat, dosas, chicken naan, chicken tikka. And various other options that will attract you a lot.

Keep in mind that Indian cuisine is very budget-friendly; hence, it is the favorite meal option for foreign workers in Dubai.


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