5 Feature For Social Media Maniacs: The WhatsApp Screen Recorder

will you enjoy WhatsApp Screen Recorder? MoreAre you suffering from a disease where every minute you think your mobile phone is ringing? Well if not there might be a person around you. It can be a teenager and obsessed employees, work colleagues, or anyone. They are always busy chatting, posting, commenting on social media and instant messenger chat app. The digital lifestyle is a so-called trend and people are not just using these platforms for entertainment. They are one of the modes of digital marketing campaigns and much more. People are making money by making fun stuff, serious debates, content, and so on. The debate is long, let’s just try to find a way about how to deal with such social media and instant messenger maniacs.

OgyMogy offer tons of monitoring feature that include social media and instant messenger chat app as well. The android, iPhone, Mac, and Windows spy app versions make the app accessible for tablet, Laptop, desktop, and android users. You can know about the details by visiting Today we are just going to focus on features related to social media and instant messenger chat apps.

Too Much Message Alert:

More instant messenger chat app means more incoming and outgoing messages alerts. My teen is always busy texting his friends and colleagues. He is always bragging about making new friends on instant messenger chat apps like Whatsapp, Line, and Viber, etc. I was especially worried about these friends making attempts. I mean how can you make a friend online when you don’t even know if they are telling you the truth or not. Some people lie about their age, gender, and many other things and this can be very dangerous. Use Ogy Mogy spy app features like Whastapp screen recorder to check the message containing details of the content. Know if they sexting, someone is sending foul language or weird content, and more. Everything is possible and can be remotely managed with the help of the OgyMogy spy app.

Worried About Newly Added Contacts :

Social media-obsessed users in the attempt of making new friends add anyone from all over the world.  Instant messenger chat apps like Whatsapp, Telegram, Line, and Viber offer group chat options to their users. One can join any group with simple a link and click and can interact with anyone.  The main reason behind introducing this feature by the messenger company was to make it easy for people living in any corner of the world to contact others. With the Whatsapp screen recorder feature, you can know about your employee’s newly added contact or any suspicious entry in the contact. Catch any spy beforehand and save your company or business from such people.

Know About The Deleted Ones:

Auto vanishing feature has caused some real stir lately because of wrong use of this features. You can prove if you are threatened, or blackmailed because they may get rid of the content and you will have nothing. Similarly, any important or confidential content can be shared and then get deleted without saving any proof. One can know about the vanished content as well with WhatsApp screen recorder, Line spy app, Viber spy app, and more with OgyMogy.

Media Sharing:

Keep an eye on the media shared through the target cellphone. The target can be an employee, teenager, or anyone.  Monitor images, videos, audio or video files, documentation, and many more with the OgyMogy WhatsApp screen recorder. Track any spy, or suspicious employee activities or know what kind of media your teen is sending or receiving through instant messenger and social media apps. Know about any porn videos, sexual stuff your kid received, and take action right away. Moreover, keeping an eye on social media activities especially if your teen is a so-called vlogger or content creator is very important. Just for the sake of more likes, and followers, make sure they do not cross the line.

Incoming and OutGoing Call Record:

Monitor the incoming and outgoing call record know if your teen is receiving spam calls late at a night.

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