5 Things to know about Method Wheels

Ask any professional racing star about Method Wheels, and the chances of getting a very positive response is very likely. Like madness, there is literally some method in their construction, which is why they are providing so much competition to the top models of aftermarket and custom wheels in the market.

If you are planning to overhaul your vehicle in the Fall of 2022 or before that, you might consider purchasing a set of XD Wheels too, since they are also a great brand. But do pay some attention to the new and exciting range of Method Wheels too, for you will not be disappointed one bit!

Here are 5 quick facts about these top-of-the-shelf models which are used by off-roading enthusiasts and suburban drivers alike.

Why are Method Wheels special?

These are the top 5 reasons why these wheels are as famous as they are.

Lighter but more effective than most:

It can be stated safely that these wheels are a bit lighter when compared to many models of similar aftermarket wheels. However, this is an advantage because of several factors. For one, lighter rims allow for greater savings on fuel which means that you will have to spend less of gas each month.

Lighter wheels may not sound as solid to many people but the company has spent enough hours in Research and Development to ensure that these wheels cling to the ground wherever you go. The range is also available in a number of sizes which ensures you get the model of your choice.

Made of high-quality alloys:

Method Wheels come in several variants. There are 1 and 2-piece alloy wheels available. Forged models are also present in the lineup. All of these variants are made from very high-quality materials including high-grade aluminum and magnesium. If you are fond of Mags, you can opt for these instead of XD Wheels for a change.

Who knows: maybe these will become the love of your life!

Racing pedigree:

We mentioned this in the beginning and we must return to it once again. Many famous racers across the world use Method Wheels as their weapons of choice. Using these rims, stalwarts like BJ Baldwin, aka ‘Ballistic’, have won raced including the Baja 1000. This is one of the world’s toughest races and it says volumes about the nature of these wheels as well.

Made in America, always:

All original Method rims are 100% Beyern Wheels, and they are manufactured in the company’s high-tech facility in California. This Pax Americana range symbolizes the best of both worlds, with lighter weights and major performances. If you are planning to purchase a set of these wheels, you can always go to their official website and select the dealer whom you can then get in touch with.

The USA has been lagging behind in rim production glory for some time now. The method makes up for it effortlessly!

Increases the resale value of your vehicle:

The used-car market is now bigger than it ever was. Perhaps you would like to sell your existing Toyota for a new Mazda two years down the line? If that is a realistic plan, you can rely on the range of Method rims to help your car get the highest resale value when the time arrives.

Method also promotes this aspect in its advertisements which are widely seen as authentic claims. This is one company which does not have to befool anybody to go the distance!

To sum

If you are keen on a set of rugged and durable rims that will last plenty of years if you take proper care of them, rely on Method Wheels without a second thought. It is true that the company is not too old, but they have earned a lot of experience through their innovative product and their even more innovative use.

Alternately, if you are an avid fan of high-end brands like XD Wheels, go for them without wasting a second. But then, you’ll never know what you are missing out on, is it not!

As professionals, we would recommend that you trust in the prowess of Method Wheels at least once. Push them as hard as you can, go off-roading on the worst of roads, and so on. Punish them, and you will see that they absorb it like a sponge. That is the hallmark of truly iconic rims.

Method rims are renewed each year as newer model hit the markets worldwide.

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