5 unique ways to Gift Wrap without Wrapping paper

The use of wrapping paper around gift wrap boxes has become very old. Now people like to have unique things around their valuable presents. They consider buying from brands that are making their efforts in putting enticing product displays. The biggest change has been brought by customizable packaging in this regard. It offers numerous appealing customization options that brands can easily use and present their gift products remarkably. If you are using it, you will surely not have to spend any money on wrapping papers and other forms of product storage or display.

Glitzy impact with metallic boxes:

Shiny presentation of products always comes to the notice of the target audience. It provides luxuriousness to your product packaging and makes your boxes worthy of the attention of the customers. As wrap boxes are made from paper materials, enhancing them with metallic foil paper is very easy. Foiling comes in two different types. One is gold, and the other is silver foiling. You can utilize them on your box surfaces according to your display requirements. Back in the day, foil paper was not printable. Not you can utilize finishing options like embossing and debossing to mark this paper with details, themes, and illustrations easily. Utilizing metallic packaging will increase the visibility of your packaging solution and will surely get you definite sales. That is how metallic packaging will decrease the usage of wrapping materials.

Printed Packaging:

Today, brands are very picky about their product packaging. They know that with it, they can increase their sales and get maximum customers. You can find gift wrap boxes in UK that have incredible printing capabilities. Their high quality and high definition printing surfaces make them efficient in working with the latest printing methods. Printing allows you to display anything and any material on your product packages. For instance, you can give boxes appealing themes and illustrations with the use of digital printing. Similarly, if you want your gift box to have a minimalistic printing design, you can utilize offset printing for it. Screen printing is also efficient in giving remarkable results. You can display images and textures on the surface of packages. The option of interactive color combinations is also available in the printing of custom packaging.

Colorful embellishments:

Embellishments are the basic parts of gift packaging. Without them, your gift presentations will surely look ordinary. There are different kinds of embellishments available such as tags, labels, inserts, lids, and many more. You can even make custom add-ons such as custom gift cards, ribbons, paper-made flowers, and painting colors. These add-ons show the efforts that you put in the packaging of your valuable items to your target audience. While utilizing embellishments, make sure that you are using them in appealing colors. They will also help you in matching your packaging with special events, days, birthdays, and festivals. You can customize the box with add-ons specifically according to the requirements of your customers. They are the perfect replacements for all kinds of wrapping sheets and papers.

Velvet and Smudge-Free Lamination:

Laminations are part of product packaging solutions that increase the durability of printed materials. But they are more than that. There are types of laminations that can increase the attractiveness of your gift packaging. Velvet lamination is a type of finishing technology in which you can display your product packages with a velvety touch surface. You can print this velvet surface with appealing textures and product interactive quotations. One other lamination type is smudge-free lamination. Sometimes boxes get dirty due to fingerprints, stains, and dust particles. This lamination can resist all of these factors and make your packaging clean and appealing. It gives boxes a surface that fingerprints proof, and you can easily wipe any stain from it. Utilizing these laminations will surely help you in making your boxes premium and effective.

Gable Gift Boxes:

Instead of utilizing wrapping paper & gift bagsyou can make use of custom boxes to get unique presentations of your gift items. These packages are easily customizable. They can be personalized in numerous shapes and designs. Gable design is one of those shapes that will effectively and attractively display your gift products. This design consists of two top handles and a spacious bottom. The handles are quite durable, and customers can easily carry them. On the bottom, you can print attractive colors, details, themes, and textures. You can even customize the bottom with die-cut windows and custom inserts. You can get this design in different sizes according to the size of your products. This design is an elegant way to display items and get positive reviews for them, and it is far better than wrapping paper.

These amazing ideas for your gift wrap boxes will surely save your budget from wasting on extra wrapping papers. Gift items should be presented in enticing ways if you want customers to get attracted to them. Utilize your creativity and the essence of your product category to come up with amazing ideas for presentations. Unique displays of these products will surely increase your sales by making your items famous in any target market.

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