6 Practical ways to use Tote Bags

Are you the girl who still goes out shopping with an extra carry bag or spending pennies to buy one at the end of our shopping?

If your answer is Yes, then you must know that adding a leather tote handbag or a full-grain leather handbag to your collection can be a life-changer.

Not only shopping, but a tote bag has never failed to prove its usability in other ways. Here are 6 practical ways to use Tote bags.

1. Office going bag
For a working woman, her bag is something that must be classy yet multitasking. Having a leather tote handbag for your office can help you carry several things without compromising your appearance. A laptop, lunch box, a bottle, tissues, makeup items, and files, can be carried at one place in a tote bag. Yet, it has enough space to provide you with an opportunity to put a few snacks or groceries into it while coming back home.

2. Gym kit carrier
A tote bag gives you enough space to hold your gym uniform, and protein shake bottle, and a small gym towel, when you move out for the gym. So, you need not hide your gym kit from your neighbor aunties anymore, your tote bag will do the job.

3. Shopping bag
A hand-crafted or full-grain leather tote handbag is an evergreen option every woman must have. The best part of the tote bag is its resistivity to carry up to 15kgs of load, compatibility to be either hanged on the shoulders or lifted with wrist and look trendy. Tote bags can be your go-to option for shopping grocery, supermarket stuff, clothing, laundry, books, artwork, and a lot more.

4. Weekend or small outing travel bag
Weekends, picnics, and small holidays require you to carry a set of outfits, inner-wear, makeup or grooming kit, tissues, a bottle, lunch box, charger, and some essentials which might call for a small luggage bag. However, replacing a small luggage bag with a leather tote handbag not only makes your journey comfortable but also adds a style icon to your personality.

5. Baby essential carrier
If you’re a mom-to-be or a new mom, tote bags are going to save your life from the mess of baby stuff, medical files, toys, baby napkins, milk bottles, a set of clothes, and a towel for the baby. Either while travelling or shopping you can have a tote bag beside you to keep all the essentials at easy access.

6. Bag for small pet
If you’re a pet lover and do not move anywhere without your sweetheart, tote bags are going to be of great help. Set your hands free from them by hanging them right beside your shoulder. You can hang them just in front of you in a tote bag at the car’s seat while on a drive. Also, this makes them feel safer and helps you keep control of them.

We have listed the best practical ways to use tote bags and gave you all the reasons to add either a leather tote handbag or a full-grain leather handbag from Tiger Marrón to your handbag collection this sale season. So, hurry up and find a perfect fit from our collection.

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