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6 Reasons to Switch to a Reusable Menstrual Cup Before Your Next Period

Are you still using tampons? If so, you should definitely learn more about how switching to a menstrual cup can benefit you. You can say goodbye to wasteful period products to manage your flow, and you can do it all while being kinder to your body and the environment. Period cups are a cost-effective solution for anyone who experiences a monthly flow. Start using more comfortable and sustainable period products. You’ll save yourself a ton of money and hassle, and truly have a more comfortable period.

Better Environmental Impact

Once you realize how much waste comes from traditional period products, you’ll never want to purchase another tampon or pad again. You can cut back on plastic waste by buying a reusable menstrual cup. And because your cup is reusable, you also reduce the packaging waste that comes with traditional period products.

Cut Back on Bathroom Stops

Running to the bathroom several times a day with a tampon tucked in your sleeve is so not worth it. Especially when you can get up to 12 hours of period protection from your menstrual cup—just think: You only go to the bathroom when you actually need to use it. And you get the added bonus of not having to change your period product every time you need to pee. Imagine that for a second.

No More Remembering Tampons Before You Go Anywhere

How many times have you left the house without remembering your tampons or pads? We’ve all been there. And we’ve all had to deal with buying more when we ran out. Let’s be honest: That’s annoying. You no longer have to stock up every purse or bag with period care. And you don’t have to keep spending cash when you forget. A cup for period days can eliminate the need to carry period products everywhere you go.

Save Money with Your Menstrual Cup

You shouldn’t be expected to spend more money on your body just because you get a period every month—and you don’t have to. The amount of moolah you can save by switching to a menstrual cup is mind-blowing! A cup for period flow can last you up to 10 years per cup. You can forget about spending your hard-earned cash on tampons for an entire decade just by switching up your period gear.

Swim and Work Out Without Worry

If you like to stay active, you know just how much your period can interfere with your exercise routine. With a menstrual cup, you can swim laps in the gym pool without worrying about leaking. Because of the way your period cup sits just below your cervix, it can help you contain your flow. That way, you’re prepared, no matter what type of workout you have planned.

Say Goodbye to Period Discomfort

Vaginal dryness on your period can become a thing of the past when you switch to using a menstrual cup. Because there is no cotton to dry you out, a period cup can eliminate the discomfort that can accompany your periods. When your period cup is inserted correctly, you won’t feel it inside of you. You can carry on with your day like it was any other.

About Saalt

Periods are not one-size-fits-all, and that’s why Saalt does what they do. The sustainable period care brand offers period cups, leakproof underwear, and menstrual discs for anyone who has a period. To finally end panicked sprints to the bathroom, the need for sneaky sweater tricks, and sleeping on towels, Saalt fashioned cups and discs that you can wear for up to 12 hours. There’s no waste and no bulky pads—just comfortable, sustainable, medical-grade silicone that feels like the perfect fit. Saalt also provides education on all things period care, brand values, and, of course, how to insert your Saalt Cup. They work their modern period magic to give period care its long-overdue upgrade.

Let Saalt show you all the benefits of switching to a menstrual cup at https://saalt.com/

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