6 Reasons Why Design Thinking Skills Is Essential In The Future Workforce

Good design is good business. Successful business owners know these well. For example, Adobe claims, companies with a robust design outperform the companies easily with a weak design by 219%. on the S&P Index over ten years. In addition, 48% of people surveyed by Tyton Media claimed the website design was the number one factor determining the business’s credibility. Thus, apart from being directly tied to success, good design is also tied to trust.

In fact, as per the ranks of the World Economic Forum, problem solving, creativity, and critical thinking. As the best three skills employees require to thrive in the future workplace. Again, the 2018 learning trends report states, 57% of business leaders asserted soft skills are more vital than hard skills in job performance.

But, how can employees gain such crucial soft skills? The key answer lies in design thinking. Problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, leadership, and communication are the fundamental elements of any successful design thinking project.

In today’s post, the focus is on why business design is crucial and how it can increase small business revenues in the future.

Business Design Thinking: A Quick Overview

Business Design Thinking is a unique process for solving problems by prioritizing the consumer’s need above all else.

Business Design can be considered as a….

  • Brilliant application of design methods and unique processes on the development and innovation of business models.
  • It is about value creation and value capturing.
  • Transforms a value proposition into real business value.
  • Makes sense of new creation by thinking in relations.

The Business Design Process

Business Design is a new systematic approach based completely on articulating assumptions, testing with prototypes, iteration, and fast learning. Usually, three steps are followed to conduct the process successfully-

  • Comprehend the market, its constituents, players, and forces. It also involves translating cross-industry best practices and articulating assumptions.
  • Developing the business model prototype, assessing it, and determining the critical assumptions.
  • Testing the model, learning, and iterating.

Why Is Design Thinking Considered To Be The Most Important Skill In The Future?

  • Design Offers Differentiation

Design can offer a huge differentiation in the present era, where a homogenous world of globalized brands and similar experiences exists. Around the world, design thinking is becoming increasingly human-centered and mainly focusing on cross-disciplinary collaboration. The future of the design will also involve designers playing a considerable role in larger multidisciplinary teams. They will be working alongside people or technology from completely distinct backgrounds to develop better products and services together.

There’s also a growing demand for a designer who can work holistically creating experiences that will straddle both the digital and physical worlds.

  • Design Is Vital For Innovation

Local research demonstrates the increasing global demand for designers across varied industries. Interestingly, there will be perhaps two design jobs in even non-design firms by 2022. This is mainly because design skills and mindsets- like the ability to reason, empathize, and prototype swiftly- are now crucial in a world where firms must innovate or die. Consequently, there is a surge in demand for ‘T-shaped” talent, where designers must possess in-depth technical skills. They must also be adept at non-design skills like system thinking, business model innovation, content strategy, and entrepreneurship. In short, clients need designers who aren’t afraid to voice out their plans.

  • Increasing Companies Are Using Design As A Strategic Enabler

In the business world, companies are making use of design as a strategic enabler. Design is the ability to shape desirable products, services, and experiences for people. Numerous corporations are increasingly trying to develop that ability to provide better products and services to the customers and even to the staff.

The ability has taken the form of either how a company can track the use of design better and think internally about the customers’ needs, the experiences they desire, and how to share products and services with them. This indeed provides companies to gain a competitive edge.

  • Finance Is Made Spectacular With Design

In the words of finance assignment help stalwarts, finance companies use design with data to develop win-win situations. The design makes the finance services easy to use, smarter, and incredibly efficient. It makes the financial options seem easy to comprehend with visual appeals, and the customer enjoys using the financial services without a burden.

Design thinking solves the complexities of a business and can arrange the clustered data in one niche format, thus focusing on what is essential.

  • Good Designing Is The Key To Social Media Success

Most of the marketing efforts in the modern day are made on social media platforms.  Whether it’s Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, social media is perhaps one of the best ways to connect to customers, go viral, and create a name for the company. However, in the age of aesthetics, you won’t get far with your social media strategy with mediocre designs.

  • Design Thinking Helps Business Earn Profits

Good design thinking increases the company’s value, boosts sales, and puts organizations in a better financial situation. By developing trust, creating strong first impressions, fostering customer relationships, and even executing successful campaigns, good designing helps make the business all the more profitable.

For instance, Both MySpace and Facebook set out together to do the same thing-connecting one people to another. Previously, having a MySpace account was significantly more popular than a Facebook account. Today, a MySpace is the equivalent of a flip phone. The sleeker and more intuitive design helped Facebook become the dominant social network in the US. It is now valued at over $440 billion, while MySpace is valued at around $35 million.

Final Thoughts

Design thinking is more than just a form-giving aesthetic function. Possessing remarkable design skills signifies you can transform and change businesses, humanize technology and innovate customer experiences. Despite different cultures and languages, the design speaks the universal language on behalf of the brand.

Furthermore, the systematic approach enables to test of the viability of new ideas with fewer resources. In the future, this will be a critical competence that determines success in an accelerating market. Business design is still a developing field, so if you are thinking of having a thriving career in the field, it’s high time to take action now.


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