6 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Muslin Blanket

Muslin blankets are one of those baby supplies that can last you for years. With care, they’ll be around through various stages and milestones in your baby’s life. You can use a muslin blanket for so much more than just keeping your baby cozy. In fact, these blankets are multifunctional. They can even pull double-duty as a burp cloth or stroller cover. Find out all of the ways that you can use your muslin blanket and get the most out of your most beloved pieces.

Muslin Swaddle to Wrap Up Your Newborn

Swaddling is the perfect way to get your newborn to calm down when they are having a fussy day. Swaddling can help emulate the comfort and stability of the womb. A snug swaddle can also help promote safer sleep. A muslin swaddle is a perfect product to help keep your baby snug and secure. The muslin fabric also provides breathability to help prevent overheating while they sleep. Muslin swaddles are big enough to wrap up your baby safely without them being able to wiggle out.

Muslin Blanket for Tummy Time

A muslin swaddle or blanket is perfect for tummy time inside. Muslin is super soft and ideal for rolling around on all day long. And because muslin is soft and durable, it holds up well against teething babies. If there’s a mess, it’s no problem. Just throw your muslin swaddle into the wash and watch it get even softer with every cycle.

Sun Coverage for the Stroller

On those sunny days that are just perfect for a walk outside, you can use your muslin blanket for sun coverage. Unfold your muslin blanket so that there is only one layer and lightly drape it over the visor of your stroller. Because of the thin layers of muslin, your baby will still get to enjoy the warm air without direct sunlight. Use a clip to fasten the blanket to your stroller’s visor for stability when it’s windy.

Burp Cloths and Breastfeeding Coverage

Muslin blankets make perfect burp cloths because they are large and durable. You can drape it over your shoulder, burp your baby, and keep your clothes clean easily. And again, these blankets hold up exceptionally well as you wash them. This makes them perfect for after-feeding cleanup. You can also use them for easy breastfeeding coverage while you’re in public. The light, breathable layers can keep you covered without disturbing your baby.

Nursery Decor Accents

Muslin blankets come in many designs and colors. You can easily use them as decor accents in your nursery. Some of the best baby brands offer hand-drawn designs on their blankets. You can find some that fit into whatever nursery theme you’re going for. Drape a muslin blanket over your changing mat or rocking chair to round out your nursery’s design. When your baby sees a blanket they are familiar with, it can help them find comfort in their surroundings.

Muslin Blanket Play Forts for When They Get Older

When your baby gets a little older, you don’t have to retire your muslin blankets. Muslin blankets make the perfect fort-building blanket. Why? Because they are lightweight and easy to prop up. The thin layers of muslin also allow some natural light to shine through. It’s truly the ideal fort building material. You can easily create fun memories with your family by hanging on to your muslin blankets.

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