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7 Signs When You Should Replace Your Windows

The high quality windows will not last forever and choosing double glazing means they may last for 15 to 20 years. This actually depends on various factors such as how well you can maintain the windows, the kind of frame material you may select and the weather they can survive. When you cannot repair the windows anymore, it is time to replace them. This blogpost discusses about 7 signs that indicate you should install new windows immediately.

Windows are worn out

Some signs of warp or rot on the windows denote you need to do windows replacement. It can be tricky to maintain wooden window frames as rot can make it difficult to stop further decay. When you do not repair on time, the rot becomes worse and it becomes harder to open and close window. Do not choose bad quality uPVC windows as they may discolour in due course and expand in heat. If the double glazing windows are failing, you might find cracks, leaks, chips, scratches, holes and difficulty in regulating your home temperature.

Energy bills are really high

The inefficient windows may leave a significant impact on the insulation properties of your home and cause higher energy bills. The more heat can escape your house, the more you will use central heating for compensation. You may check it by standing near the windows and find out if it feels cool than other rooms. When the glass is cold to touch, it is possible you are wasting energy. Older windows have single-panes and they are highly vulnerable to leakages. You may invest in double glazing windows through low-emissivity (LoE) glass and argon gas to decrease heat loss.

Windows are difficult to open and close

There may be several reasons why you cannot open and close the windows. The windows should be painted in a way that can save the decoration time though it won’t help with window functioning. Other causes include – warped frame like uPVC windows that may warp as well as expand in hot weather. The uPVC may contract once again after cooling but the frame may be of wrong size when done repeatedly. The home foundation might have shifted and window frame do not fit properly within the space. So, installing a new window can solve this problem.

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Your house is not sound proof

Modern windows can help to lessen the transfer of sound that creates a big difference to overall quality of life. When you hear outside noise clearly even with windows shut, this denotes the windows are very old. To enjoy peace and calmness, try installing new windows to lessen the noise from outside.

Windows seem to be drafty

The energy bills will be high when you have drafty windows in your house. So, try to invest in installing new windows as they are more energy efficient and save money. Drafts may occur when windows do not shut properly. When the locking mechanism does not work anymore, this can be the issue for proper security to your home.

Windows have leakages

The windows allow light to enter into your house. This can be destroyed when moisture gets between the window panes of double glazed option or there is the accumulation of condensation on the inside. You may wipe away condensation which may be troublesome and end up with the growth of mould on the inside part of window frame. It is not possible to resolve the moisture or mist within the window glass and it will sit there to block light and obstruct clear view. These problems take place when the seals do not work or the installer do not install windows properly. The worst that can happen is when window begins to leak and there are pools of water inside your house. This is possibly the most affordable way to windows replacement your window as repair works seem to be costly when the seals on other window panes fail to work.

There is no option for double glazing

You should take a closer look at the windows. If you wonder why the room is always hot during summer and cold in winter, then you should install single window pane. These are there in old properties which make your house really comfortable. They are not very effective like double glazing and modern windows.

The cost for replacing old windows actually depends on several factors such as – the kind of glazing, style of windows, material used for the frame. Thus, contact a reputed company that offer services like emergency windows replacement in London for installing new windows. This way, the entire work is done successfully and you can prevent further problems from old windows in future. Do not forget to ask about the price you have to pay the installer and see whether it fits within your budget.

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