8 Things You Need To Know About Applicant Tracking Systems

An Applicant tracking system (ATS) is packed with features that streamline the hiring process. From recruiting and managing candidates to providing detailed data analysis, an ATS has many roles to perform. But what features should an ATS have that recruiters can’t do without?

Based on years of experience building our own award-winning ATS, here is our list of 10 features that we believe are essential for any business.

  1. Flexible job application and posting process:

Each vacant position has its own set of requirements that can make it difficult to manage, especially in large numbers. Therefore, your ATS should have smart job templates and a transparent vacancy approval process that you can configure on a role-by-role basis. This offers you the flexibility to customize the application process for each vacancy and select the one best for each role.

  1. Clear and engaging careers pages

To attract the best candidates, you need to display your job openings. Make sure your ATS has professional customizable pages that offer clear information in a simple yet attractive layout. And if you want to make a great first impression, look for an applicant tracking system that can brand your business as well.

  1. User-friendly Mobile app

Did you know that 77% of applications are now made on a mobile device? We know that recruiters often have to manage to recruit processes on the go and candidates to use their phones to search and apply for jobs as well. Your ATS should be designed for mobile devices so that recruiters can post for job vacancies and candidates can apply from anywhere, it also should allow candidates to track their application process and be updated at each stage in the interview process. Mobile UI should be clean and user-friendly and works perfectly on any device.

  1. Automated tasks and workflows

Your company’s ATS should make life easier for your recruiting team. An important part of this is the ability to automate a number of tasks, including posting to multiple job boards and easy communication with thousands of candidates, tracking the interview stage, and many more. When you have the right ATS you should be able to set things up exactly the way you want and then let him do the rest.

  1. Security and stability

When it comes to data, security and stability are of the utmost importance. Does your ATS meet the highest safety standards? Check if the platform and customer data are stored in ISO27001 compliant data centers and look for an uptime guarantee. You need a reliable ATS that you know will not fail at this crucial time.

  1. Advanced searching

Companies choose an ATS because they want an easier way to manage large amounts of information in one place. All systems have built-in search options, but how deep can you drill down into the data? Your ATS should be based on an advanced and modern search function that allows you to optimize each variable so that you can quickly find exactly what you need.

  1. Employee Data Analytics tool

Your applicant tracking system will help you analyze and manage your hiring. It should provide analysis and reporting tools to give you insight into what is working well and where to improve. Your ATS should be equipped to report on a wide variety of tonnage data, including rental periods, acquisition costs, and diverse compliance.

  1. Accessibility as standard

Any company’s recruiting process should target as many people as possible. Your applicant tracking system can play an important role in meeting high accessibility standards, including for people with low vision or dyslexia. Before investing in the applicant tracking system, make sure it is designed to be accessible to everyone.

  1. Tailored for you

Every business has its own requirements, so you need an applicant tracking system that you can configure to suit your own needs. Can you change settings such as user permissions, administrator rights, candidate requirements, and positions? Find an ATS that you can edit, customize and create yourself.

  1. ATS Customer support

When you start using the applicant tracking system you will be faced with a lot of questions. That is why it is essential that you have access to fast and professional support. Look for an applicant tracking system that is regularly developed and comes with clear support channels including email, phone, and live chat built right into the system itself.


The more parts of the hiring process a company automates, the faster it can hire. The faster a company recruits, the more likely it will attract the best candidates and not lose out to the competition. The more complicated the application process, the more likely they are to miss out on great hires. Having a fast, streamlined hiring process makes for a better applicant experience and means even unsuccessful applicants leave the process feeling valued. Whatever a business needs, there is an ATS to help.

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