8 Tips to Keep Your Vehicle Clean In Winters

Owning a vehicle is so amazing. You can cover long distances, commute to work and even use it for having fun on weekends with your family. But owning a car also offers you several responsibilities that you need to fulfill. You must have noticed that in winters, snow falls heavily on the roads which not only makes them slippery but also dirty.

Once this happens, there are chances of soil getting deposited on the body of your car as well as its interiors. To avoid these situations, you should practice some easy tips follow them regularly to keep your vehicle clean in winters without taking too much effort or time. Also, check how to protect your car against dents during winter that’s another important part of winter care for vehicles. Below mentioned are a few tips to keep your vehicle clean during winters.

Cleaning Your Car At Least Once A Week

If you do not clean your car regularly, dirt and dust accumulates over the body of the vehicle which creates an ugly look. Also, this can affect its performance as dust particles enter your engine.

So, to keep your vehicle clean in winters, you should follow a regular schedule of car cleaning so that soil does not stick onto its body for long.

You must have noticed that there are so many service places where people offer exterior and interior cleaning services to their customers but why spend money on them when you can get the same result by using simple tricks at home.

Use AC In Your Car During Heavy Snowfall

Whenever a snowstorm occurs in any part of the world, everyone rushes to buy groceries, milk, and other necessary items. But have you ever thought of using your car’s AC during this time? If not, then you should start using it. It will help in melting the snow which will eventually fall off the car. This little trick can save your time and energy from cleaning the snow off your car manually.

Cover Your Car While Parked

Parking your car under a shade is always a good idea to avoid direct sunlight and also keep away dust particles. You must have seen people covering their cars with blankets or sheets during winters which not only protect them from getting dirty but also keep their interiors warm. So, try this easy method to avoid unnecessary work later on.

Use Interior Shampoo To Clean The Carpet

If you have kids or pets at home, then you would know how difficult it is to clean the carpets of your car. But using an interior shampoo can help in this situation. All you need to do is dilute the shampoo in water. Use a brush to clean the carpets. This will not only remove the dirt but also the bad odor from it.

Keep Your Windshield Clean

The windshield of your car becomes dirty very quickly in winters as snow and ice melt on it and mix with soil and dust particles. This makes driving during rains or storms very difficult as you cannot see anything in front of you. So, according to JAFTIM CARS, which sells used cars to avoid such situations, you should clean the windshield of your car every day with the help of a water solution or glass cleaner.

Use Wax To Clean Glass Surfaces

The glass surfaces of your car are also very susceptible to getting dirty during winters as water droplets dry on them and make it difficult for you to see outside. So, what you can do is rub small portions of wax over these glass surfaces which not only makes them clear. But also does not allow any further dirt to be deposited onto it for a long time.

Clean Car Engine Thoroughly

To keep your vehicle clean in winters, you must follow a routine that includes cleaning up its engine properly because there are chances that oil deposits form over it due to continuous usage during heavy snowfall. So, using a degreaser and a brush will help in cleaning the engine completely and make it run smoothly.

Use a Snow Shovel to Remove Snow

The most laborious task of cleaning your car during winters is removing the snow from its body manually. But if you have a snow shovel at home, then this job becomes very easy for you. All you need to do is use the shovel to push the snow away from your car and it will eventually fall off on its own. Follow these simple tips regularly to keep your vehicle clean in winters without taking too much effort or time. Also, check how to protect your car against dents during winter that’s another important part of winter care for vehicles.

Keep a Towel Under Your Car Seat

Keeping a thick and absorbent towel under the seat of your car will help in protecting it from getting dirty. So, whenever you park your car somewhere for a short period. Make sure to keep this towel below the seat which will absorb all the dirt there and make it easy to clean when you get back home.

Use Rock Salt

One of the most common ways to prevent snow from building up on your car’s surface is by using rock salt. Just sprinkle some salt over it before going outside and then remove it with a brush or a broom after parking at home. This way, not only will you have a clean-looking vehicle but also avoid any kind of accidents during heavy snowfall.

Use Windshield Washer Fluid to Clean Windows

The windshield of your car acts as the primary source of vision during bad weather conditions on the roads. So, if it gets dirty or foggy due to water droplets, then you cannot drive properly which may lead to accidents. Keeping a bottle of windshield washer fluid can help in cleaning the windows whenever needed without any hassle. Just apply the solution over them with a sponge and clear them up completely within minutes. Make sure that you do not fill this bottle with water as it will freeze at night leaving you stranded on roads for hours until all the ice melts away from window surfaces.

Spray Chrome Surfaces With WD-40

Chrome surfaces of your car such as bumpers and door handles can easily get tarnished during winters. So, to keep them shining through the cold weather, you should spray WD-40 over these surfaces at least a day before snowfall is expected in order to avoid any accumulation of dirt or grime on them. Also, read how to clean chrome without scratching.

Cover Your Vehicle Completely

To protect your vehicle from getting dirty outside, make sure that you cover it completely with a tarp. This is the best way to secure its cleanliness for a longer period of time. Just take all its doors off and then wrap this tarp around it making sure that there are no crevices left uncovered by this fabric which may let some dirt and snow inside.

Park in the Shade

Whenever you park your car, try to find a spot that is under the shade as this will prevent the accumulation of ice on its surface. So, if you are out for a day and do not have a place to park under the shade, then use a windshield cover or an ice scraper to clear the ice off before getting inside.


Following these simple tips will help you keep your car clean and free from any kind of dirt or snow accumulation during winters. Make sure that you perform all these tasks regularly and your car will be as good as new even after enduring the extreme weather conditions. Also, do not forget to use a car cover to protect it from getting dirty on the outside. Follow these tips to avoid any accidental damages to your vehicle in winter. happy winter car care!

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