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A Brief Guide to Pest Control by Killing Cockroach Eggs

A home must be treated with more than just the best cockroach gel UAE for cockroach control. It’s because of the disgusting cockroach eggs and babies that can destroy the cleanliness of your place. Cockroaches can lay upto thirty thousand eggs in a year. They can badly infest your home, contaminate your food, and pollute your immaculate kitchens. Thus, to stop cockroach infestation in your home, you must kill cockroaches and their eggs too to avoid further generation.

How to Identify Cockroach Eggs?

Cockroach eggs are cylindrical, or pill-shaped banded capsules. There are a variety of colors for eggs depending on the species, but browns and tans are common shades. These filthy eggs are about ¼ inch long and can hatch within 24 to 48 days. Additionally, female cockroaches can lay eggs every few weeks, which is why cockroach infestations are easy to occur.

Where Can I Find Roach Eggs and Nymphs?

Cockroaches lay their eggs in warm and humid areas. Mostly, you can encounter roach eggs in drawers, cabinets, drains, storage rooms, inside old appliances, dustbins, trash bins, wooden boxes and cartons. Moreover, cockroach nests are also found in damp areas like sides of pools or in lawns.

How Can Cockroach Eggs Be Killed?

Many people ask if they can kill or destroy roach eggs. The answer is yes, but you need to identify their habitat first. Daily cleaning can help you wash away roach eggs and nests. Nevertheless, there are many professional ways you can eradicate roach eggs and nymphs.

Vacuum Cleaning:

Daily or weekly cleaning using vacuum cleaners can help you suck up all debris and capsules of roach eggs. You can vacuum carpets, floor under the carpet and bed, kitchen cabinets and cupboards. Make sure to clean every nook and corner for effective results.

Cockroach gel Baits:

There are many cockroach gel baits available that can help you kill and prevent cockroaches in your home. The commercial cockroach gel UAE contains potent chemicals like indoxacarb, hydramethylnon, and imidacloprid etc. that kills cockroaches on spot.

One of the highly demanding cockroach gel baits on the UAE market is the advion cockroach gel. Advion gel can be purchased at any pest control shop. Moreover, this best advion cockroach gel contains a chemical known as indoxacarb. Indoxacarb targets the roaches’ CNS, paralyzes, and kills them. When it comes to applying advion gel on cockroach eggs, the same results are obtained.

You can use this advion cockroach gel both indoors and outdoors, inside kitchen drawers, and in lawns. In addition, this advion cockroach killer gel is non-toxic to humans and pets. Apply it easily with its syringe-like tube in every nook and corner.

Home-made Roach Baits:

If you want a natural remedy to kill cockroach eggs, then try these home-made roach baits. You can use boric acid mixed with sugar and apply it in dry places like drawers, cabinets, and corners of floors. You can also use essential oils like lemon oil, cypress oil, cedarwood oil, and peppermint oil. Dilute one of these oils in water and spray it everywhere. Furthermore, you can use garlic and baking soda or baking soda with lemon juice to help eradicate cockroaches.

Aftercare and Prevention:

As prevention is better than cure, you should follow certain precautionary measures while following the pest control treatment. For this purpose, block and seal all places that can be a door for roach entry. Use caulk for sealing any holes present in the wall and floor. Wipe up the floor, dining table, and kitchen countertop after cooking and eating food. Shortly, eradicate any source of energy for cockroaches and developing nymphs. Furthermore, remove all wooden boxes, tins, cartons, and old appliances that can serve as roaches’ refuges and nests. Empty all trash bins, wash and dry them daily to avoid any contamination and infestation in home. In a nutshell, remove the food and shelter that cockroaches need and block their entry points.

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