A Guide On How To Buy Limited Sneakers Online- Manual Methods

Hurray, it is the shopping season yet again. Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Weekend Sale, you name it and the best online sneaker store has good deals for you. Limited sneaker releases are the most-awaited launches and people go to any length to get hold of a pair of their favorite sneakers.

But how does one ensure that they do not lose out on their favorite sneakers on the release date? Many fail to get it and only 1-2% of the sneakerheads manage to lay their hands on the most coveted prize. Basically, you have two ways to buy Nike shoes online or for that matter Adidas limited edition. One is the manual way and the other is using sneaker bots.

Sneaker copping using bots and proxies is unsafe and you may be banned from logging on to your best online sneaker store forever. Definitely, you do not want them to block your email id or IP address. A safer way is to try the manual methods. It may not get you guaranteed results, but if you keep trying, you never know when luck will be on your side.

How to buy sneakers online- The manual methods

If you are able to cop manually and lay your hands on the newly released sneakers, there is nothing like it. The Nike Air Jordans and the Adidas Yeezys are the most awaited releases and you have to be ready to log in at the precise time to try your luck in getting one.

How to buy Nike shoes online?

If you are thinking of using automatic sneaker bots and proxies to buy any limited edition sneaker, Nike will not allow you to do so. Their system is well-updated and bans sneaker bots as soon as it is identified. Hence, it is always advisable to try the manual method to buy Nike shoes online. They give you ample chances through their raffle system. You can list your email id for the raffle draw. Multiple ids from the same IP address are not allowed. There are a bunch of websites that sell multiple ids to people to increase the chances of winning in the draw. But many have been scammed by people selling fake accounts. It is always advisable to avoid using such tricks for sneaker copping.

Nike has its SNKRS app, exclusively, to sell sneakers during its release date. It is simpler to use than the website. You can set up the app to send you a push notification on the release date and time. It is very helpful because clicking on the notification takes you directly to the product page and you can immediately buy Nike shoes online and complete the checkout process. Stay in the app for about 10 to 15 minutes without exiting to see if your order is placed successfully. If you are lucky, you get the message “Got ‘Em”. If you get the message “Didn’t Get ‘Em” try shopping for it again to try your luck.

How to buy Adidas shoes online?

When you want to buy Adidas shoes online, the best option is to go to their website. For Yeezy lovers, you have the Yeezy Supply website too. But avoid visiting the Yeezy Supply website since it has been rated as a bad e-commerce experience website. So, the best solution to buy Yeezy shoes online is to follow a number of related Twitter accounts such as @adidasalerts, @yeezymafia, and @kanyewest.

Whenever there is a Yeezy limited release, these accounts give you updates with the link taking you directly to the product page. Again you select the shoe size, fill in the details and complete your checkout process as soon as possible. You will have to wait for at least half an hour to forty minutes to see if you have actually made it through the process. You get a confirmation email followed by another email with a tracking number. Hurray, it finally means you have got yourself a pair of limited Yeezys!

Tip: Make sure that your shoe size is available when adding it to the cart.

How to pre-order a sneaker from your best online sneaker store?

Some retail stores allow you to pre-order sneakers before the official release date. Find out if your best online sneaker store gives you the option of a pre-order. If yes, read the terms and conditions or email them about your queries. If you are satisfied with the answer, you can try buying limited sneakers by pre-ordering on their website. Most of these sites allow pre-booking if the release is exclusive to that specific retailer.

How to buy limited sneakers online through social media?

Social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Telegram have exclusive groups for sneakerheads and sneaker copping. You can even try to buy from people who resell limited-release sneakers. Groups on Telegram guide you on sneaker copping manually or automatically. It is up to you to do due diligence when joining such groups.

How to buy sneakers under retail?

If you can wait to buy the limited sneaker edition, it is better to opt to buy from websites such as Sole Seriouss. They have the ‘sneakers under retail’ section that stocks trending Yeezys, Air Jordans, Ultra Boost, and other brands like Puma, Converse, and Reebok at a discounted rate.

Wrap Up
If you are buying regularly from your best online sneaker store, subscribe to its newsletter. They give regular updates on the sneaker release date and time. You can make yourself well prepared to try out the manual coping methods. There is no substitute for trying out methods and knowing which works best for you. You may not be lucky the first time, but be patient. Keep trying until you succeed!

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