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Advantages of eBooks Over Printed Books

When Steve Jobs introduced the iPad 2 on March 2nd, 2011, -three years after unveiling the first generation of the device- he took another opportunity to talk about eBooks. “Amazon’s Kindle is a great product, but I think that what people want is something that does more than just display books. People are busy today and they want to interact with their reading material in new ways.”

As we can see, Steve Jobs was almost against eBooks when Apple released the first generation of iPad. However, he has changed his mind since then and he has decided that it would be another big opportunity for Apple if they were to jump into the eBook market. This is exactly what happened when Apple released iBook’s in the App Store.

In this article, you’ll see some of the reasons why eBooks are better than printed books and vice versa. This way you will have a better idea about what is going on in that market and how to take advantage of it if necessary.

Advantages of eBooks Over Printed Books:

EBook readers are lightweight and portable

Many professional eBook writers have a great selection of eBook readers in their list of preferred tools, and for good reason. To begin with, it’s extremely lightweight and portable – weighing in at less than 10 ounces. It weighs so little that you can easily carry it around in a large purse or a small bag. It takes up only a small amount of space, so it won’t crowd your professional workshop. This is ideal if you’re a professional eBook writer on the go, as it ensures that your work doesn’t have to suffer just because you want to be able to write on the train or on a plane.

For example, if you are a professional eBook writer traveling from London to New York, the last thing you want is a heavy bag that you have to lug around. You can easily hold your professional eBook reader in one hand – it weighs less than your laptop! Because of its size and weight, it’s very easy to carry with you.

This means that you can write professionally from anywhere, whether it’s from a professional train heading to New York or a professional airplane going somewhere else.

This is extremely useful for professionals who may be on the road a lot – writers and journalists, for example. If you work as a technical writer or journalist, your professional career requires you to write and write and write and write and write and write and keep on writing – sometimes for hours at a time. Being able to bring your professional eBook reader with you means that you can work professionally while traveling, which saves you a lot of time, energy, stress, money, and worry!

EBooks are cheaper than printed books

An ebook is a digital version of a book that can be read on a computer, tablet, or some other device. The issue of eBooks versus printed books has been debated hotly among professional eBook writers and professional print designers for years now. While there have been different opinions about the matter, most professional book writers and professional book designers have stood their ground on the different aspects of it.

Professional EBook Writers’ Views on EBooks versus Printed Books: While professional eBook writers stand by their work wholeheartedly, most professional print designers do not buy into the idea of eBooks. This is mostly because professional print designers believe that there are still many people who enjoy reading printed books, and eBook writers must make sure they are catering to this market. This means professional eBook writers need to work harder on their nonfiction book writing skills so that nothing gets lost in the formatting of an eBook.

In professional book writing as well as professional book design, it is essential to know the market. In professional eBook writers’ opinion, there are certain aspects of eBooks that have been improving with time. They could be sent across borders and international waters much more easily than printed books. People could also choose from a larger variety of formats for their eBooks.

Another strong aspect of eBooks is that they could be more interactive. For instance, in science fiction and fantasy books, writers could add hyperlinks to their works so the readers have access to even more information on a given topic or character. In the case of nonfiction books for professional writers, there may be links that would guide readers towards more information or interviews with the book’s subjects. It should be noted that these interactive features could only come into play if professional eBook writers know how to create them and connect all the dots seamlessly.

You can carry an unlimited number of eBooks with you on your device

EBooks can be really useful if you carry them with you everywhere. It’s like carrying an unlimited number of books on your device. You can take notes or highlight words or make comments about the book and other people will not be able to read these marks. Therefore, you can use them to share thoughts and ideas with friends without fear of someone else reading your personal notes.

An eBook reader is a very handy device that users can operate by touching the screen or using a dedicated keyboard. You can buy one in any bookshop. But surely the best place would be an Internet store. Because there are many vendors, so you can compare prices and choose the best deal.

If you don’t want to purchase a new book, there are plenty of free ones available for download

EBooks can be a convenient and affordable way to read. If you’re not ready to part with your paper books just yet, though, you’re in luck: there are plenty of free eBooks out there that won’t cost anything at all. Some of these even come from well-known authors who have made their work available for online consumption.

One of the biggest perks of free eBooks is that you’re not restricted to one format. Which is something that happens with most free books. You can read them on any device, whether it’s an old-fashioned paper book or a Kindle, taking advantage of whatever technology you have available to do so.

Another major benefit of free eBooks is that as long as you have the right device. It’ll all be available to you wherever you go. The same can’t be said for many books, which oftentimes. Need to remain in a specific location at home or the office. There are even options for storing your entire library online. And reading from anywhere, no matter what device you have on hand.

Finally, the majority of free eBooks are well-known and popular titles. These can be a great way to experience literature for the first time and expand your horizons as a reader. Even if they’re just fun reads that you don’t necessarily want to own. You’ll still get to read the book, and it won’t cost you a thing.

You can read at night without disturbing others around

Reading at night has always been a good way to relax. However, traditional books are not very convenient for doing it. Because you have to find a safe place where nobody will see your light or hear your turning pages. With eBooks, you can stay awake as much as you want without disturbing anyone around you. How is that possible? Actually, the eBook’s screen is backlit, not illuminated with a lamp.

As a result, others will be able to sleep while you read your favorite eBook. On the Kindle Paperwhite at night without a problem. You can also read at day or in broad daylight and nobody will notice it. Because the screen’s background is white. This way, you have a perfect way to protect your most-loved books from any damage that the sun might cause.

You can also download them in a matter of seconds. Right on your Kindle Paperwhite and start reading immediately after you finish the payment process. At night, you don’t need a lamp anymore because of the screen. Is white when it’s backlit so won’t bother anyone if, for instance. You read before sleeping or if you wake up early and want to start the day with your favorite book.

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