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The Tags For Shoe are ideal whether you manage a shoe store or label your shoes. These tags are made exclusively for shoe products and come in various styles and materials. Moreover, we can print shoe tags in various formats, including die-cut, which allows us to print the tags in any shape relating to your shoes, and custom, which will enable us to print any text on the tag. Also, we have a variety of standard forms available, such as circle, square, and rectangle.

Shoe tags are standard shoe tags that can be made of paper, metal, leather, or plastic and come in various sizes, styles, and colours to promote your business image. Additionally, there are a variety of printing procedures available for shoe hang tags. Furthermore, the shoe tags come in various materials, and each customer can tailor them to fit their brand positioning.

Materials Of Tags For Shoe

We can make the shoe tags from various materials, including paper, cardboard, and vinyl. The rigidity of the shoe tags printed on cardboard material means they can endure any form of wear and tear. As a result, the vinyl substance has both transparency and waterproofing qualities.

Various Shapes Of Shoe Tags

We can print Tags For Shoe in various shapes, including the classic square, round, and rectangle. Moreover, the custom option allows you to print any text on the tags, and die-cut tags can be any form you want.

Personalised Tags For Shoes

You can also select to have your tags personalised with gold or silver embossing, stamping, or foiling. UV coating, which adds an extra layer of scratch prevention with a thin translucent layer, is also available to our customers. However, all of the tags we print are full-colour, which means you can have them printed in the colours and graphics of your choice.

Use Of High-Quality Paper

You have the option of using high-quality coated paper. Additionally, it also has the property of being waterproof. A plastic green PP substance is also suitable. Because it has no odour and is difficult to break at low temperatures, we can also use a laser or a hot stamping machine on it. With the company’s name, a QR code, a logo, or a serial number, for example.

Also, it can increase quality by creating a brand image and effect. In addition, you can print two-dimensional code content. As a result, you may read it using a mobile phone or a scanning pistol.

Process Of Gold And Silver Stamping

It is a printing embellishment procedure. Moreover, we can begin by heating the metal plates. Additionally, we also apply the foils in the second step. On printed materials, we emboss gold or silver words and patterns. Several colours are available in this situation to enhance the tag’s overall visual effect.

The Method Of Embossing Hangs Tags For Shoes

The embossed designs and patterns have a sculptural quality to them. As a result, you can enhance the printed matter’s 3D sense and artistic attractiveness.

Process Of Debossing

We use a combination of printing to make the Tags For Shoe look more textured. As a result, you can create a 3D look by debossing or raising your logo.

Eyelets Made Of Metal

We will insert a round metal hole to the top of the hang tags in many circumstances. Moreover, the hole is usually 5mm in diameter, ideal for rope wear. Additionally, it has a decorative effect as well. Bronze black, silver, gold, and other hues are available.

Product Guide For Hang Tags

Are you prepared to print them? The accompanying product guide talks you through the different sizes, paper stocks, and finishes to get you started.

Sizes Of Hang Tags

The size depends on two factors: the item’s size and the amount of information you need to provide your consumers. Bigger isn’t always better, so think about where your item will go on the shelf or rack, as well as how apparent the tag will be. For your hang tag printing needs, we provide a choice of sizes.

Finishes And Stocks

As we’ve already discussed, using individual stocks and finishes is the best approach to get people to notice your hangtag.

Laminated Silk

Silk laminated Tags For Shoe protect from wear and water while maintaining a silky smooth feel.

Silk with UV Spots

Adding Spot UV shine to elements of your tag will make it stand out among the crowd, giving it the luxurious feel and protection of silk with features that pop.

Uncoated 4PT

14PT Uncoated is the way to go for a simple, practical tag. It’s simple to write on. For prices and barcodes, it’s ideal.


Check out the Matte hang tag if you want protection without the glare of shine. The matte surface adds protection without the glare that glossy labels are prone to.

Silk With Foil Stamping

Stamped foil adds a touch of glitz. Silk lamination adds added protection and a smooth texture, while stamped foil adds a pop of sparkle that draws attention. Select a single foil colour for one or both sides. Soft pink, hot pink, silver, gold, red, blue, black, copper, and green foil hues are available.

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