An ultimate guide to making perfect candles boxes:

In this article we will be discussing about An ultimate guide to making perfect candles boxes:Are you a candle collector? You are not alone. In fact, if you like to make your own candles, at least half of the following techniques can be very beneficial.

As a candle maker, it has always been essential to know how to care for your candles, from modifying wax instead of liquid to making your own boxes and labels. And, so we’ve put together this ultimate guide about how to make perfect candles boxes.

An in-depth explanation of all aspects of this elaborate process!

Inside, we’ll show you how both beginners and pros alike can utilize these tips for even better results. Whether you assemble containers for resale or want to gift, the following guidelines for making perfect candles boxes will serve you well.

Identify the type of candle you are manufacturing:

The first step is to decide on the types of candles you’ll be making. Is it a jar? A votive holder? A pillar? Or a container that has yet to exist? Your answer will determine how elaborate your decoration will be, so know that it might also affect how much time and effort you’re willing to put into this project. However, keep in mind that even simple designs can still look beautiful, so don’t underestimate your creativity and skills! We’ll discuss this later when we talk about techniques but for now…

Should the containers be decorative or functional?


This is almost always the first consideration. Either you’re packing the candles in glass jars (for example, lemon-scented candles). Or you’re packing them in a cardboard box (for example, pillar candles)… Or perhaps you’re packaging your creations in cases that are lined and have a lid (for example, votive holders). Whatever your case may be, there are specific guidelines to consider regarding their shape and size.

Things to consider when selecting raw materials:

For instance, if you are packaging in glass jars or votive holders, not only will you have to consider how they look. Additionally, you’ll need to consider how much space remains in their interior for the candle to absorb fumes. Likewise, when choosing a shape for your custom candle boxes or cases (or both), it’s important that you measure the height and width of whatever candle you’re making. So that it will prevent from jostling around inside the container.

With cardboard candles boxes, you’ll have to measure the height and width so that you can keep your candles from jostling around inside.

As for the type of container you’re using, as long as it’s thick enough to hold a wide range of candles (there should be space for at least three globes in each container), you can use whichever type you prefer.

There are some containers that are made specifically for candle packaging. They come in various sizes and shapes, but they’ll be covered later on in the article too.

As you can see from the side-by-side comparison above, the container (left) is visibly more stable than the box (right) because of its wider frame.

If you choose to use candle packaging boxes, make sure to go for containers that are wide enough for your candle so that it does not shake inside. Also, when choosing a shape, go for that which will minimize hot spots. These could happen when you’re using tall candles inside narrow boxes.

Packaging can make branding much easier:

Another important consideration is the amount of branding you’ll do on the outside of your box. You might want to put branded labels on the lid, or open one end and let the wax drip down. A more subtle approach would be to decorate your boxes with tiny rhinestones. But again, this will be covered later on!

The way to make perfect candles:


Okay, so it’s time to get started with all this good stuff! Let’s see how you go about making great containers for your candles, shall we?

First off, let’s take a look at how using a container makes it easier for branding purposes. In fact, there is a lot you can do to your containers and still make them look beautiful.

Attractive yet durable:

Of course, as with any other aspect of candle making, your container must be durable. In fact, it should be able to withstand high temperatures (from the burning wax) and low temperatures (from the cold glass).

The finished containers should look great too!

Do you see? It may look a bit complicated at first, but if you are able to master all of these steps, you can actually make a good living out of this craft. Good packaging is essential for branding your candles:

So, let’s show you how you can make a container (or box) that will hold your candles securely and look superb afterward.

If you’re using a wooden box, it’s vital to seal the lid. Here is how you do that:

Doing this will make sure you get the sealing material evenly on the sides of your box. And this is important because when you paint the sides of your container. You’ll want to let the base coat dry completely before applying a second layer.


If you’re using a cardboard boxes, you don’t have to seal the lid. However, it’s up to you. If you want to use a sealant, it’s as simple as:

Doing this will not only prevent the wood from rotting. But it’ll also make your container waterproof, which is essential if you’ll be using candles that emit moisture later on.

Practically speaking, sealing your containers will make sure they stay strong and won’t easily tear open or warp due to moisture or temperature changes while storing them.

Here’s what it all boils down to:

You should follow these guidelines when packaging your candles. Now, you can go ahead and design your own containers for this purpose. As for us, we’ll be covering two techniques you can use to decorate them… And both are appropriate for creating anything from a single container to a hundred!

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