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Anklet is a jewelry piece; an ornament which females wear around the ankle. Also entitled as an ankle chain, ankle string and ankle bracelet, this chain looks pretty well with both flat and high heels. As a part of your jewelry, women wear this to sparkle their grace.  Wearing this jewelry piece has been common since ages. But for some time, this practice was reduced, but today in 2021 we see the rising trend of anklets again and trend of online jewelry shopping

So, what to do? Keep reading this article to know more about it. 

When to Opt this Trend?

There is no specific time allotted to wear an anklet. It could be any formal or casual event to wear it. But surely, it will give a bad impression if you wear it with socks or trousers. Put it on with confidence when you like. Adding up grace in your casual style, you will find hundreds and thousands of simple anklet designs in the market. 

To look more catchy on your formal occasion, have a customized one. Match it with your outfit color and skin color and define your fashion sense in an incredible way. 

In Which Ankle to Wear It?

In general, females put on anklets on both ankles. This practice has been mostly seen over the decades. But it is a choice to carry an anklet on only one ankle. It is rare but not forbidden at all. Wearing an anklet on either ankle has a different meaning. 

But that interpretation varies from one culture to another. Carry it elegantly on both ankles and add spice to your personality. 

Tips for Wearing Anklets

Well, to wear anklets, you must keep in mind the following points. 

  • Just apply some lotion or moisturizer on your legs before putting them on. It will keep your skin soft and subtle. 
  • Be careful what size you are wearing. It should be neither too tight or too loose. Before purchasing the anklet, you should know the size of it. 
  • A caution to be kept in mind is wearing it with open shoes will be the best. As mentioned above, carrying it with socks will not look nice. 
  • To make your perfect beach look, wear it.

Current Anklet Styles

The anklet styles which are trending the most are discussed below. 

  • Layered Anklets

Layered anklets, this anklet style has become most sought after. Having multiple layers, this type of anklet is surely not to miss one. For your festivals and dated events, have this anklet to take your personal style on another level. The layers in the jewelry objects appear unique and catch the sight. So, match with your style and look dazzling.  

  • Crystal Anklets

These anklets have created a hype. Looks like diamonds, this accessory is a must have in your jewelry box. So, when was the last time you wore a capri? Wear it and don’t forget to carry crystal anklets. This should be your preferred option among various accessories.

  • Beaded Anklets

We are all in love with beaded jewelry. Here comes a beaded anklet. Like a beaded bracelet, a beaded anklet will also provide you a unique look. Whether it is white or colorful beads, both are fine for your contemporary look. Customized jewelry is also another option. Have material and color of your choice and you are all set to rock at the event. 

Final Say

Now, it is clear that the anklet trend is back and you should be ready to opt it. Look no further but head to the online jewelry shop and have some fine anklet pieces. Surely, you will love to have them. So, don’t wait and complement your look with this fine accessory.

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