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Are home extensions worth from home extension builders in Brisbane?

A house extension is an ideal choice to enhance the living space. They are cost-effective and provide an alternative to moving out to a different house. Additionally, renovations and extensions increase the value of the property. Home extension builders in Brisbane make sure to offer you the best results based on your requirement. Nonetheless, if you are incapable of taking a stand for hiring a builder, then continue to learn how a builder and the team working on your extension project add value.

Adds value to the home

Whether you like to extend the house’s living space or want to future-proof your home, the extension option is a fantastic procedure. Any addition in the house area increases the value and the amount that potential buyers are ready to deposit. Such an approach means that you will have a good return on your investment. Therefore, consider choosing home extension builders in Brisbane with immense experience. You can consult them to understand the value you will be increasing for the property based on the extension. It will provide insight into the investment for the same.

You can avoid moving out

Homeowners are considering an alternative to moving out due to an increase in house prices. Rather than choosing a property with a bigger space, one can consider extending their existing house. It reduces costs and eliminates the need to hunt for a home, pack things, and shift. All you require is a few months of patience to put up with the extensive construction work to finish. You will be saving considerably, which you can invest in decorative products. Home extension builders in Brisbane make sure to provide you with quotes according to the available space for extension. Consider it before you decide to move out.

Customization options

Home extension builders in Brisbane offer customization according to the need. Therefore, when you sign up with a professional company, you can make changes to all the components to suit the family’s taste. From design to windows and doors, you can participate in a conversation with the team and make necessary changes. The architect will consider your thoughts and requirements before coming up with a design that suits the extension’s outlay. A few companies display the design in a 3-D model to give you a glimpse of the outcome.

You can forego planning permission

The best feature of the home extension is that you do not have to get planning permission. Most of the extensions come under the permitted development, which gives you the right to make changes to your house without contacting local authorities. Most homeowners never have a problem, other than those who live in “designated areas.” Home extension builders in Brisbane provide complete service, and speaking with them about the permission will offer you in-depth detail. The following are a few points where you can schedule an extension of your house without permission:

  • If the extension does not consume more than half the property’s land
  • The highest part of the extension is within the existing roof height
  • Extension leaves are smaller than the current property eaves
  • The extension has no balcony
  • There is no alteration to the present roof
  • There is no vent pipe, chimney, or flue installed in the extension
  • The extension does not have a microwave antenna


You can enhance the living space and the property value by extending your area. You can fill it with endless possibilities and enjoy a spacious home without considering moving out in search of a new house.

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