Been thinking of sending someone flowers as a gift?

The main purpose of gifting someone is to convey your emotions and to express how you feel about them in a wordless manner.

Colours, scents and vibes are some of the things that rejuvenate one’s mind and guess what? Flowers have them

Why should you give flowers?

Flowers are most probably the best thing one can give someone. They are the epitome of beauty. They not only just bring a sense of refreshment to the surroundings but also spreads a wide smile on the face of the receiver.

They are fresh, scented symbols of joy and hope.

They not only provide you with aesthetic beauty but also have a strong emotional impact on human beings. To back this up, studies and reports have made it evident that a person is likely to be more positive and happy after receiving flowers.

On the other side, they are totally harmless to the environment. For greater impact, one should try to buy flowers that come with ribbons and a wooden basket instead of buying one with plastic coverings and bindings. A heartfelt handwritten note will act as a cherry on the cake and make your gift even more sentimental.

Looking forward to send flowers to Hyderabad to your loved ones or gifting a bouquet to some of your friends, relatives and family residing in Hyderabad?

Confused about what flowers to choose?

Here is the list that’ll help you to find the perfect flowers for your gift according to your personality and the sentiment attached.

“A Thing of beauty is a joy forever” and this list will definitely ensure that the person you want to gift will feel it close to their heart and cherish the warm moment in his or her heart.

  1. Classy is the new sassy: White lilies

If you like subtle and sophisticated things, choosing white lilies might be the best option for you. They have a strong musky fragrance and are generally regarded as a symbol of rejuvenation, gratitude, purity and peace. It is an epitome of beauty and holds a sacred place in Christianity as well. People often give them as a token of friendship or to show gratitude and sometimes even to apologise

  1. Add drama and romance: Red roses

Red roses have every emotion embedded in them. They are probably the most dramatic and sensual flowers of all time.

Literature? Drama? Poetry? Love? Romance?

Scarlet roses are glorified everywhere and they are worth all the hype. They smell amazing and symbolize love, power, passion and strength. Red roses make a perfect gift for your partner or spouse as it conveys the depth of love you feel for them.

  1. Go exotic: Orchids

Orchids have generally a pink or blue tone and are mono symmetrical in shape. These exotic flowers exhibit royalty and delicacy. They symbolise love, fertility and unity and henceforth are a great choice when it comes to married couples. They are a popular choice among buyers due to their exotic nature and hues. They look great together when paired with incarnations.

  1. The happiest flower out there: Sunflowers

Sunflowers are vibrant yellow and bright looking flowers that fill up the environment with positivity and longevity. They are the epitome of fresh start happiness and optimism.

  1. Pretty Pastel Pink: Gerbera Daisies

They are beautiful pastel pink daisies that are considered to be a symbol of innocence and purity and are suitable for gifting someone on any occasion. They are considered to be one of the most elegant flowers.

  1. Make them relax: Lavender

Lavender as a herb has myriad medicinal qualities. Its smell has a calming effect on the mind which helps you to relax and sleep.

Apart from this they are of violet tone and provide a pleasing sight to look at and surely smells like heaven. They symbolise rejuvenation, love and purity. Lavenders due to their hypnotising smell are a popular choice among people.

  1. Muy Elegante: Daisies

Daises have white petals and a yellow centre and is so beautiful to look at. They are gifted as a symbol of truth and innocence. They do not have a very strong smell and are often used in wedding decorations. If you want to give someone flowers with a classy and elegant choice in flowers, this might be the one.

  1. Go Dil Bechara Style: Play with the combinations

You can definitely customize and make your own handmade bouquet.

Mixing them up allows you to play with flowers and create an aesthetic combination of colours and smell. These types of the bouquet are very popular among people and have a huge demand as it showcases variety simultaneously making it colourful and vibrant. They are generally a little expensive but are worth every penny.

Some of the combinations that look and smell great together are

Tulips and Gerber Daisies

Lavender and lilies

Peonies and Roses

Read more – here

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