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Benefits of Background Checks and Employee Screening

The benefits of employee screening and background checks are hard to dispute and have become vital for employers to protect their businesses from onboarding sceptical candidates. An employer’s ability to screen applicants is an invaluable tool for determining the candidate’s proficiency for roles and responsibilities. However, it is also crucial in the interest of the employer’s safety to check the identity and background of the candidate. 

But, dealing with the complicated intricacies of human resources can be overwhelming. This blog post will take a deeper look at the benefits of employee screening and offer important insight into how it can positively impact the talent acquisition process. 

Benefits of Employee Screening and Background Checks 

These days, companies constantly need to protect themselves from the surge in fraudulent claims, onboarding employees, remote working conditions, reputational damage, etc. Some financial enterprises have lost millions of dollars, with a few employees participating in illegal activities like insider trading. 

Even if a company is fortunate enough not to be a victim of the scam, the negative impact on their business will still be notable in some form. For instance, the case with the false educational credentials of the Samsonite CEO is one that organisations should not overlook. Therefore, scrutinising a candidate’s professional and academic background details can help employers avoid these mistakes. 

Employee Screening and Background Checks: A Look at the Numbers

The benefits of employee screening services and background checks are straightforward and immensely beneficial to employers. Even after onboarding the employees, there are associated risks. For instance, data theft by departing employees is one case that contemporary companies cannot seem to shed. 

Many of these cases result from employers not performing any background check on the person they onboarded. More importantly, showcasing negligence after hiring the candidate is another case. For instance, most employers overlook employee screening after offering promotions. 

Furthermore, prominent statistics show that if a company properly vets its candidates saves roughly 5-9% of payroll costs over ten years. Whether it is a small business or a gigantic corporation, this can make a significant difference. 

Employee Screening and Background Checks: The Process

Employee screening and background check happens before onboarding the candidate and is performed in-house or by an outsourced verification team. Before going ahead with the background check, the candidate must give consent for it. Many companies in such scenarios seek out third-party evaluators to carry out the screening process. 

The primary reason for most businesses partnering with background screening companies is the extensive expertise. Such companies have proper databases and AI-enabled solutions to carry out the process without any challenges. These external teams or agencies also have subject matter experts at their disposal. 

Essentially, outsourcing background checks requirements is a highly feasible option for organisations of any scale. With the abundance of options available, it has become easier for businesses to come across various viable offers to help with employee assessment. When full proof background checks become possible, employers can choose suitable candidates for the job and add value to their process flows and organisation thereof.

Employee Screening and Background Checks: The Options

Considering the intricate details the post discusses, this may seem redundant to point out that businesses should never hire someone without background checks on the candidates. 

But, there are several different ways to perform such checks. Here is the possible assessment that background check companies can offer:

  • Identity Check
  • Address Verification
  • Education Check
  • Reference Check
  • India-Court Record Database Check
  • Employment Verification
  • Drug Abuse Test

The good news about these is that they can instantly identify discrepancies, leaving little room for fraudsters in the process. Additionally, the introduction of AI technology makes everything from identity to degree verification much more manageable, requiring little human intervention.

Making AI verification an option over the previously manual methods means that checks happen much faster now, too. 


The most in-depth way of performing these background checks is to hire an expert agency to conduct the background verifications. Such a partnership reduces manual intervention, saves operational costs, and minimises discrepancies. More importantly, depending on the type of checks, businesses can expect real-time results. 

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