Benefits of Bringing Smart Lockers to Education Sector

The majority of colleges built their mailrooms years back. They didn’t realize that the age of e-commerce upon us. And soon they faced with an ever-growing stream of mail. The positive side is that schools can step up their system for managing packages by using a simple method that doesn’t need a mailroom upgrade. For example, intelligent smart lockers.

Benefits of Smart Lockers

Here are seven benefits that smart lockers bring the table for colleges and universities.

Surmont the space limitations

Get rid of cramped rooms and piles of boxes. Smart lockers immediately create more space by keeping deliverables in the mailbox.

If they are required, the lockers do not need to be located close to the university mailroom. Campuses can put them in dormitories, offices or in other spaces that are shared wherever there’s enough electricity and internet access.

Go contact-free

Mailroom staff who move delivery via smart lockers effectively do not have to interact with students. They don’t even have to wait in line to pick up their parcels. Actually, students don’t have to reach the kiosks that are shared on lockers They can unlock their items using an QR code that is provided, or tapping a button within the mobile application.

Offer time back to employees

Another drawback to a high-volume of quantity of packages is the strain it takes on the staff. The process of organizing, processing and dispersing the packages is quite a task and it’s easy to commit mistakes when you’re faced by a deadline.

With automated, self-service technologies, intelligent lockers can eliminate the requirement for staff members to assist with the pickup of packages. This means a lot of time they could use for other activities.

Offer flexibility and ease of use

Between studying, classes and other campus activities Students are extremely busy. They don’t have time to wait in line in a post office to collect their mail.

Through smart lockers, users can know that their packages have arrived through text, email or app notifications. They will be able to schedule a visit to the lockers to collect them as per their schedule. The speedy and simple collection process ensures that even on a busy day, students will be able to collect their packages during classes or after time during the mailroom.

Solve more issues than package delivery

If they’re ideal to secure packages, then why not make smart lockers to move everything from books to electronics? Faculty, staff as well as students can make use of smart lockers to transfer and return anything including textbooks, technology, and orientation packs.

Automated the tracking of and reports

The cloud-based platform that is automated behind smart lockers guarantees that your chain of custody remains fully completed by generating a digital record for every laptop, package or tablet, as well as textbook that passes through the system.

When staff and students utilize lockers to return and check out the course materials and technology administrators are able to access all transaction information. They know who owns what and when they have returned them in time.

Stop loss and theft

It could be an obvious fact since, at the very least, what use is a smart locker without the ability to protect delivery routes?

Only the recipients have access to their parcels. They aren’t able to unlock other compartments than those housing their items. And they’ll require an exclusive code to unlock it.

Wrap up

Additionally, real-time monitoring helps support teams immediately address security concern before any problems arise. If you’re interested in acquiring smart lockers that can protect your packages and other valuables at the campus contact the PackageX team right now.

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