Benefits of Using SWR Pipes and Fittings

Benefits of Using SWR Pipes and Fittings

SWR pipes: also known as ‘Soil, Waste and Rain’ pipes. They are applied in waste, soil, and rainwater management. The main feature of SWR pipes and fittings is that they are immune to micro-organisms, bacteria, rodents, fungi, and insect attacks.

In today’s society, complicated sewerage systems are primarily responsible for sanitation. Scientifically constructed drainage systems have made it easier and more cost-effective to keep our homes and the outside world clean and hygienic with the introduction of plastic pipes such as PVC and uPVC pipes. SWR pipes are one such highly effective media.

Usually, SWR pipes and fittings are of type A and type B; let’s look at the fundamental difference between these two types.

Difference between Type A and Type B SWR Pipes

Type A Type B
Application Rainwater discharge and venting. Waste and soil discharge.
Thickness Less thick walls. Thicker walls than Type A.
Color Usually Blue. White.

Nowadays, sewerage systems highly depend on durable and long-lasting pipes, as they are pretty complex. 

Benefits of SWR Pipes and Fittings

Corrosion, chemical, and fire-resistant

SWR pipes excellently resist chemicals, rust, and fire. There won’t be any corrosion problem with them over time. 

Furthermore, the smooth surface of the pipes prevents deposits from forming inside the pipes. SWR pipes are also ideal for conveying chemical bi-products, dangerous chemicals, and industrial hot residue because of their non-flammable qualities.


SWR pipes and fittings are highly cost-effective. These pipes also ensure lower capital costs, installation costs, and maintenance costs. 

SWR pipes are so lightweight that they can be easily transported and installed. It reduces installation, transportation, and handling costs. 

Easy to install and maintain

Another advantage of SWR pipes over the traditional ones, especially metal ones, is that they are lightweight.  

Because of their lightweight, SWR pipes are less likely to hurt or injure installers during installation. As a result, installing SWR pipes requires fewer people and time.


Not only durable, but SWR pipes are also relatively safe. They can withstand the harsh elements, in the outdoors. Furthermore, the pipes are rigid and non-conductive, making them a popular choice. 

Because these pipes are so crucial in waste management, they must have modern rubber ring seals to prevent leaks. And for the cherry on top, the SWR pipes and fittings are also environment-friendly. 

Reliable and Tough

The main advantage of SWR pipes and fittings is that they have high tensile strength, and it makes them durable and reliable.

Because of their robustness, these pipes can be used for sewerage and drainage systems in industrial, domestic, and commercial settings.

No Waste Leakage & Efficient Waste Removal

The inner surface of pipes and fittings is mirror smooth and restriction-free, ensuring better flow characteristics and preventing clogging and drain choke-up. The system is entirely leak-proof and designed to maintain high hygiene standards.


Would you want to construct a pipeline system with weak pipes that can’t withstand pressure over time? The answer is a straight ‘NO.’ The complete plumbing system is highly resilient, resistant, durable, and ready to display excellent tensile and impact strength when using SWR pipes.

Need of SWR Pipes

  • For manufacturing SWR pipes, uPVC is used as a raw material. It makes them lightweight and flexible. Hence they can be used for various indoor and outdoor applications.
  • Corrosion and rust never affect them.
  • SWR pipes and fittings are non-conductive to heat and electricity. Also, they don’t react with chemicals.
  • They come with a smooth internal surface top to ensure steady and high-speed flow through them.
  • SWR pipes and fittings are UV resistance and rodent repellent. For this, they undergo multiple specific treatments during the compounding stage of production to ensure.
  • For years to come, SWR pipes are genuinely better than any traditional CI and AC pipe systems in terms of hassle-free consistent performance.

Applications of SWR Pipes and Fittings

As its name implies, SWR pipes are mainly used for sewerage systems in both residential and commercial places. But as these pipes can withstand harsh environments, they are perfect for external drainage systems as well. 

Let’s Dive into Some Other Uses of SWR Pipes and Fitting:

  • These pipes are helpful in transporting toxic wastes, heated residues, and chemical bi-products out of industrial production premises as they are chemically inert, non-conductive, and non-flammable.
  • These pipes can be installed safely at any height for overflow and waste lines in food processing factories, dairy plants, and vent lines in drainage systems.
  • The SWR pipes and fittings are ideal for harsh outdoor conditions; thanks to unique treatments applied during the compounding phases of production, they can be utilized even in a mining hole.

Because of the strength and hardiness of these pipes and their flexibility, pre-fabrication is a suitable option for all types of home and commercial sewerage and drainage projects.

You can also use these clever, inventive, and cost-effective pipes to collect rainwater and contribute to making the planet a better place for future generations by conserving water.

If you want the most efficient waste management system for your home or workplace in a multi-story building, or if you’re developing the most efficient sewage system for public places like railway stations, airports, and bus stops, SWR pipes are your best option.

SWR pipes are exceptional in every manner, including performance, dependability, and cost-effectiveness.   

If you are looking for the SWR pipes and fittings manufacturers in India then Unitech is one of India’s most prestigious pipe manufacturers. Their products are capable of altering traditional systems keeping customer satisfaction on top. 

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