Best & Fun Things To Do In California

Best & Fun Things To Do In California

California is one of the most preferred and visited destinations in the U.S. Visitors of all varieties enjoy California. There are beaches, forests, lakes, deserts, and mountains, all within the state borders. Travelers usually go to California because they can spot many celebrities. So you can plan your trip to this destination with your family and friends. We have created a list of some of the best and fun things to do in California. The list is going to be of great help for travelers who are confused about what to do in California.

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Hollywood Sign

As the name suggests, Hollywood Sign is one of the most iconic destinations when it comes to cinema and Hollywood. Visitors from all over the world witness the place just to click selfies. You must at least once in your lifetime visit the place. 

Yosemite National Park

It comes under one of the most visited national parks of California. It does not only attract tourists. Rather because of its scenic beauty, it attracts some of the great athletes and artists as well.

You get to see a valley, glaciers, granite walls, and waterfalls.


It is the best when it comes to a place to visit with your family. And for children, it is great. The place has a number of amusement parks, rides, shows, and games. It is a complete package for children as well as you. When you visit the place, you will witness how beautifully they have recreated some of the worlds’ culture. 

There are entertainment shows for children and adults as well. People are crazy about this place. You will usually find long line-ups for shows and rides. It is better that you use FastPass+. This allows you to book your ride times and an event. 

Big Sur

Big Sur bridges the gap between a mountain and an ocean. It has some of the most exotic and most breathtaking views. It won’t be wrong to say that once you visit Big Sur, you will forget all the other views that your memory has captured to date. However, the route of the destination is already 90 miles. But if the travelers have more time, they can visit nearby forests, parks, and beaches. 

Death Valley National Park

People who love desserts should come to this place at least once. The landscape covers everything, including parched fields, sand dunes, rocks, and mountains, salt lands, and a beautiful lake lying somewhere below sea level. 

You need to keep in mind that visitors can go to some of the highlights by a regular vehicle itself. But if they want to witness the specific remote areas, they must have a 4WD vehicle.

Since we talked about a national park, many of you love animals. So you might be having pets for whom you will be worried while traveling. So you must look for an airline that allows you to carry your pets along with you. You must know that under American Airlines Pet Policy, you are allowed to do so. So you can book your tickets with American Airlines.

Old Sacramento

The place facilitates the history of the U.S. it has preserved buildings, museums, and memorials. You can see horse-carriage lines in the schoolhouses or courthouses. You can have a view of the whole city on a train ride.

Lake Tahoe

It lies below the Sierra Nevada, a mountain. Lake Tahoe is not just about lakes. The place has mountains and forests too. Moreover, it has multiple activities to offer to its visitors. You can go for boat rides and camping also. Skiing lovers can find a number of resorts that allow you to ski.

Santa Cruz Vineyards

There are many wine countries around the world. California is one of them. Santa Cruz has some of the finest vineyards. If you want to explore the yards more deeply, you must visit the  Beauregard Vineyard. Visitors interested in knowing the history of wine production should visit  Ridge Vineyards

Therefore, these were all about some of California’s best things to do and places to visit. You can re-read the post and select what you want to see first. However, California has not just these eight destinations. It has many more. But these were some of the most popular ones. 

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