Best Hyper-Casual Games of 2021

Within this category, we’ve listed the top 15 most played hyper-casual and casual games available on Android and iOS from September 2021 developed by different developers, like 360 dev team, supersonic studio  

Join Clash 3D

Players will need to gather a massive group of players and find ways to keep everyone alive. The path is full of gaps as well as traps and enemies which could end the lives of all who crosses their route. If the players are able to overcome these hurdles without losing many people then they’ll stand a good chance of capturing the castle that is guarded by a variety of dangerous enemies from all sides.

Bridge Race

The game of Bridge Race, players compete to build the highest-quality bridge and then cross a river. There are many ways that you can gather bricks along your route trading with other players or race against them or even steal from another’s territory!

High Heels

There are walls, rails to climb and balance on, a stick and a massive podium waiting for you at the end of the epic route in this game. Each obstacle is different on each parkour to challenge their abilities and dexterity every step they take to the escape from these imposing buildings.

Survival game challenge

 This free game is all about red light  green light, cookie cutter, glass birdge and tug of war survival challenge 3d games. One of the best survival challenge online games, where every person for himself run to win the mega cash prize in red light squid new games 2021. In the epic battleground defect your all opponents in action games and be the winner of battle royale squid simulation offline games.

Survival 3d Games Environment:

Hair Challenge

For Hair Challenge, players race through obstacles to determine how long their hair will expand. Each obstacle is likely to cut portion of the hair, and players should ensure they stay clear of the obstacles. For longer locks, you should gather the wigs along the path.

DOP 2: Delete One Part

DOP 2 One Part One Part is a puzzle game in which players must take quick decisions on which part of the image must be eliminated. The controls are simple and simple to use. All you have to do is touch the screen until every character has reached their goal on each level.

Stacky Dash

In this game, players must to hurl their hero through the mazes using the finger, and then stacking tiles higher in order to reach the sky.

Giant Rush!

For Giant Rush!, players need to complete the level of the game by running through various obstacles before growing their character to the size of a giant. The only way to do this is when they collect similar colour characters along the way.

Going Balls

Going Balls is a playing game Going Balls is about guiding balls through an obstacle-filled maze, by sliding it towards the direction the player would like it to take. To avoid the pitfalls, avoid the swinging hammers and achieve success in this tough task, players need to use their focus skills!

Blob Runner 3D

Blob Run 3D, a fun game of running on runways with obstacles, and staying clear of being cut into pieces. The game is made up of goo therefore it’s more challenging than you imagine.

Make sure they are all saved by drawing a puzzle

In this game of puzzles players have to draw lines in order to help save their world. Combat rocks and bombs that attack by drawing accurately which causes them to break! There are over 600 levels to discover.

Happy Glass

In this game the glass is sad due to the fact that it’s empty. The player’s task is draw lines to ensure that the glass is filled with liquid, and then smile again!

Color Bump 3D

The game’s players is required to control a ball and be careful not to hitting anything. The pace begins slow but as you advance it gets faster and swiping is required to propel the ball.

Collect Cubes

This game player will be confronted with 3D towers constructed of cubes. They must make use of a scooper in order to “destroy” the towers and collect as many cubes as they can. As players progress through stages, towers get more complex, and it becomes harder to take the cubes.

Fun Race 3D

Fun Race 3D is a game in which players race against other players , and seeking to defeat them. The challenge is avoiding obstacles that could cause the race to be unpredictable until the finish line is reached, as a error could mean that someone loses the race.

The Bottom Line

These games can be accessible and easy to play mobile games. The first time they appeared was in 2014 They gained the most popularity in 2018 with they released the Helix Jump game by Voodoo , jungle survival adventure by 360 dev team was released . It continued to gain popularity until 2020. Because of their simple gameplay these games are highly addicting. They are mostly available offline, which means it’s easy to access them from anywhere and at any moment, with no advanced gaming knowledge.

To sell a game that is hyper-casual is crucial to understand the intended players and conduct an exhaustive competitor analysis, because the current market is filled with these types of games for mobile devices. There isn’t specific category for this type of game in the app stores , therefore it is essential to include the term “hyper-casual games” in the description of the app store to improve ASO and greater discoverability. The most efficient methods to make money out of this kind of games is through banner advertisements, interstitial ads and reward videos.

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