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Invisalign In London, Ontario, is a method that straightens your teeth without using metal braces. The expert dentist of Daher clinic explains that custom-made braces gently pull your teeth in their appropriate position. The medical officers of the Invisalign London Ontario department indicate that you can remove these braces off while eating or drinking. In addition, they are less noticeable by others as compared to metal wire braces.

Although people want to have a confident smile, they think metal braces are the only option. Invisalign is a set of clear braces that are comfortable, do not create irritation during treatment. So whether you are an aged parent looking for an orthodontist for your child’s treatment or a child looking for your parents, clear braces are an effective option.


What is Invisalign made up of? 

The clear aligners are designed with BPA-free plastic, and they bring more comfort than metal braces. These aligners are ideal for giving you the natural straight teeth that you want. Before undergoing clear aligners treatment, you have to consult with a medical officer to discuss your smile goals.

Many individuals wonders who can use these clear aligners, aged individuals or youngsters. The expert dentist of Daher dental clinic indicates that every individual can wear clear aligners. Invisalign on teeth looks more natural as compared to metal wire braces.

Invisalign Process 

The process of clear aligners is simple and painless:

  1. You have to visit a medical facility, and the dentist will perform an initial examination.
  2. The orthodontist will take an x-ray and prepare a 3D model of your jaw. The purpose of 3D model preparation is to analyze how much time is required for teeth to change position.
  3. It enables doctors to understand the exact position in which teeth will move.
  4. The medical officer will send an x-ray, images, and a 3D model along with his report to the lab.

As soon as the lab receives the reports, the proportion of aligners will start. 

The patient can also see in the 3D model how his teeth will shift from one place to another. After a couple of days, you will receive a call from the medical officer to visit the hospital and collect your aligners.

How does Invisalign Works?

In your first visit, you will be asked to wear the aligners and check their fittings. Loose aligners might not stay in teeth and cause disturbance in the straightening process. Therefore, Invisalign on teeth should be tight enough so they can stick easily. Moreover, you can also remove them at the time of sleep. The aligners-wearing process will take some time, and you have to visit a medical facility to receive the next set of aligners. At the start, your aligners will fit right in your teeth. Then you will begin to notice that aligners are being lost. It is because the proper use of aligners will change the position of your teeth. If you feel that your aligners are losing in the first week, do not go to the clinic and ask for change. Instead, wear them for almost two weeks. Therefore, aligners get proper time to adjust your jaw and roots of teeth.

The expert dentist indicates that you have to visit the clinic after 4-6 weeks. The medical officer will examine your teeth and give you a new set of aligners. The process will continue unless your orthodontist suggests that you do not need any more visits.

How do aligners feel?

The main reason people prefer aligners over braces is the level of comfortability. Wearing metal braces throughout the day is not easy, and it is exposed to everyone. An individual cannot remove braces at the time of eating. Additionally, it also causes trouble while teeth cleaning and flossing. Aligners are comfortable and portable as well, which means you can remove them whenever you want. Moreover, people will not easily recognize that you are warning something about your teeth. Therefore, clear aligners are a great choice as compared to metal braces.

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