Best Link-Building Strategy to Get Top 10 Rankings on Google

The way or the method by which we build one-way hyperlinks or backlinks directed to a particular website, with the goal of improving search engine visibility is what we call link building. 

Along with SEO, link-building happens to be yet another strategy to get a lot of traffic to your site so that you increase your ranking on Google. 

There are numerous strategies which can be used, for building links so that one can be listed in the top 10 ranks of Google or any such search engine: 

  • The very first strategy that we are going to discuss is regarding the link building for your resource page. Resource pages are such pages that provide ample of content related to a given topic. 

The people who offer the content writing services are habitual in dealing with such pages. There are several ways to build link for these resources’ pages – first find the resource pages using certain search strings in google. 

These strings are specifically designed keeping the purpose of resource hunting in mind. Next, you must size up the page which you want should appear at the search result. After this, find such a content that fits your page, the best. 

You can take help from certain guest post writers who offer great guest post services and earn a reputation for your page. After following all these steps, you can send this tested script. 

  • Next, we are going to discuss about how to build broken links. If you work on this part, it will help you add value to someone’s website and thus to even yours. 

You can start the process by installing tools like MyLinks or LinkMiner. These tools may help out find the broken links. Next you may hunt for such pages which have a lot of outbound links. 

The greater the amount of links a page has, the greater are the chances that these links might be broken. Resource pages work great in such cases. 

So, one can use the search strings to bring up resource pages. After this step, go for running the extension that you installed in the very first step. This may help you fix any broken link on such a page. 

After the completion of the process, let the owner acquainted with the broken links on his or her site and you may also help by pitching content from your site to replace that particular content.

  • For effective link building, you also need to build good relationships with people round you. These contacts may offer you plenty of opportunities. Thus, you may either take the first step using the social group interaction or blogs. 

Do contribute in any conversation that takes place in the group and also make interesting and relevant comments so that you add value to each discussion. 

Once you start participating in these online communities, you will get some great backlinks and also have access to the latest news in the industry and also stay connected to interesting people who share your passion. 

  • Another method is testimonial link building which is a win-win scenario. Several businesses require people to give positive review about their products or services and thus they offer you the chance to briefly talk about your experience with these products. 

This way you can be successful in building trust with your customer and then get a backlink so that in turn you get the desired traffic for your site. While these companies will benefit by getting a new testimonial to put on their site, you will get a new backlink added to your site. 

If you wish, you can start a blog but remember not to make it with just one post and one backlink to your site since this is not going to be beneficial. If you with that you have your own blog and want to keep it alive, you must be active with your work. 

Keep on posting on a regular basis. Take the needs of your audience as well as the objectives of your industry into consideration while you write your post. Next, keep in mind that your content is well formed and suits the requirement, well-structured and without errors, in a manner such that you are offering content writing services to others. 

Probably, this is the only way to ensure that people will want to link to your site each and every time they get an opportunity, and thus in turn you will earn backlinks for oneself. 

  • The following step that you can take resort to, is the listing of your site in trustworthy directories (the directory must not be such that it provides no real value to the internet users and which the google has excluded from its search results). 

A good directory as well as a verified one, provides you opportunity to post a link to your website and also provides useful information about certain potential customers for your brand or site or industry. This way people will be able to find you easily online.

  • Write paid guest posts for several sites. There are several sites that you will be wanting to publish your article. Therefore, before you write an article make sure that the topic you choose is in line with these websites or blogs, the article should not be concerned with bragging about your own company. 

You should have a purpose in your mind, on the quality of your article, otherwise the contrary can earn you bad reputation. It is important that you build links that help your website rather than negatively impacting its ranking in search results. 

  • Do an extensive research on your competitors and find out their common backlinks. Almost all your competitors have ensured that they get these backlinks for them, to excel. 

Therefore, to get yourself in the race, you should also try to do the same for your site’s benefit. At most what you have to do is the analysis of these backlinks and then make an attempt to get them. Start from researching on your top ten competitors. 

In such a way, you will also be able to hunt for their sources as well as the techniques they use that get you the competition. 

  • Try to get an indirect backlink from your competitors, many of whom link to the same sites – sites which are big names in the industry. A link from such a popular place would be very beneficial as your website will receive a powerful link juice. 

Hence, if you are able to get backlink of your site here, your competitor will somehow get linked to you. 

  • Hunt for your dead backlinks (backlinks which are broke). These backlinks may be either because of some spelling error by another webmaster or because of the change in the location of your. In both these instances, you will witness a 404 error returned to you.
  • This one is one of the easiest ways to get some new backlinks for your site. There are chances that several sites may have mentioned your product or service or your name but would have forgot to provide link to your website. 

In such situations, you can easily contact the web master with your request to convert these mentions into backlinks for your site. 

Therefore, if you follow these methods, you would somewhere or the other get help in acing the task of building links through. Try out these methods and head towards a successful link-building strategy to include yourself in the top 10 rankings of Google.

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