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Best Tools to Cut Salad in Different Shapes in Pakistan

The ordinary tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber, and other vegetables in salad seem super tempting if you cut them in different shapes with the best salad cutting tools. Salad cutting in various shapes is an art of professional chefs, but you can own this art by simply using the unique salad cutting tools, choppers, slicers, etc. These cutters and choppers allow you can make perfect cucumber spirals, crinkled carrot, sliced cherry tomatoes, shredded cabbage, etc. Whether you like neatly chopped salads or finely sliced salad, you will find the best salad chopper tools that can make vegetable cutting super quick and easy. Here we enlist the best cutting tools that make your regular salad decorative and mouthwatering. If you are a salad lover, you will find the best suggestion for salad cutting tools amazon online shopping in Pakistan.

1.     Salad Cutter Bowl:

Salad Cutter Bowl is the perfect tool to make weight loss salad super-fast. This bowl has vertical slits through which a knife can move for cutting veggies. You only need to put all your favorite salad vegetables in the bowl, close the lid, and place the bowl upside down. Cut the vegetables through the slits without creating any mess. For fine and chop-style cutting, you can rotate the bowl several times and cut across the bowl’s slits. You can use them for cutting lettuce, cabbage, onion, carrot, beetroot, etc. But, remember to avoid cutting juicy veggies or fruits in it because juices can create a mess around the bowl due to the apertures on the bowl.

2.     Salad cutter scissor:

If cutting salad with a sharp knife seems dangerous to you, you can go with a Salad cutter scissor. Trudeau Toss and Chop Scissor is one of them that can make cutting and chopping super fun. It has two sharp blades with micro-serrated edges. It can slice any vegetable or fruit for salad within a bowl. As its name shows, you only need to cut and toss the veggies to get them finely chopped results. It works like a heavy-duty scissor that can chop foods without any chopping board. If you are a salad lover, you should invest in this salad cutting tool to make fresh veggies salad anytime and anywhere.

3.     Crinkle Cutter:

To make your salad presentable and decorative, you can use crinkle cutting for some veggies. A crinkle cutter allows you to create wavy cuts on vegetable slices to make them look fancy. It has a wavy-shaped blade that gives the crimped design on each side of the food. You can use them to cut cucumber, apple, carrot, mushrooms, boiled eggs, etc. It also comes in a knife-like design to provide ergonomic control on cutting on the board. It is also a perfect vegetable cutting tool for crinkle chips or French fries like a pro at home.

4.     Spiralizer:

Veggies pasta is the new shape of low-carb salad that turns a boring salad into a tempting meal. Spiralizer is a unique vegetable slicer that cuts the veggies in different spiral shapes. It comes with different types of blades, such as fine shredding blade, fettuccine strand blade, curly fry blade, flat blade, etc. Each one creates a unique design from fruits and vegetables to make them pleasing to eat. When you add yummy dressing on the spirals of vegetables, you will enjoy your low-carb diet more than any food. You can use it to make healthy noodles from apples, zucchini, squash, potatoes, carrots, cucumber, onion, radish, etc.

Spiralizer salad cutter

5.     Mandoline vegetable slicer:

For making different kinds of shapes and designs in the salad, you can pick Mandoline Vegetable slicer as an ultimate kitchen tool. It contains many slicers, cutters, and shredders that allow you to make slicing, grating, julienne cutting, etc., easy and fun. The interchangeable blades and adjustable thickness setting can let you customize the slicing size for making a chef-touched salad at home. When you use various cutting styles of veggies and fruits in your salad, the salad serving will look more attractive. You only need to slide it over the blade manually to cut the vegetable precisely. It works the best for potatoes, carrots, cucumber, zucchini, onion, sweet potatoes, cheese, etc.

6.     Manual food chopper:

To save time for making the finely chopped salad in lunch, you can go with a Manual food chopper. It is a hand-powered food processor that can cut veggies within a few seconds. It is one of the most useful kitchen gadgets that help you make the salad, dips, and even sauces without any electric grinder or mixer. You can also find the electric vegetable chopper with the same functions, but most women prefer a manual one for its ease.

7.     Mezzaluna Salad Chopper:

Mezzaluna salad chopper and bowl is the professional salad cutter, which you can find on the search for salad chopper and bowl-like subway. The Mezzaluna salad chopper has a curved blade with a top handle. The two parallel knives allow it to cut and chop the food faster than any other chef’s knife. You only need to move it back and forth to chop the food finely. Professional chefs choose the Nish salad chopper for its heavy-duty, high-quality, and sharp blade. The ergonomic design makes it super comfortable to use for everyday salad preparation.

8.     Lettuce knife:

Cutting lettuce or cabbage is the most irritating part of making the salad. Thus, you need to add a lettuce chopper or knife into your kitchen tools to make this part super easy. Lettuce knives have a serrated cutting edge that can chop the lettuce leaves without making them brown. You can use it for any leafy vegetable cutting because it helps keep them fresh for a longer time.

Many more salad-cutting tools are available in the online marketplace, but we enlist the best of them for your guidance. Hope! Our selection of salad choppers and cutters helps you improve your cutting skills. So, what are you waiting for now? Add the best cutting tool to your kitchen gadgets and make your salads fancy and tempting with different cutting designs.


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