Best Ways To Take Care Of Your Grand Old Pool Table

Pool tables are a big investment. So, if you have one in your house, you need to maintain it. They are heavy but have a delicate playing surface. You need to take care of it when not playing and also when you are removing it because you are moving to a new place. Indeed, while moving to a new place you need to hire Pool table removalists. These people are specially trained in dismantling, packing, transporting, and assembling pool tables and billiard boards. Such good care can make sure that you can save the pool table for your grandchildren and even great-grandchildren. Indeed, billiard boards and pool tables are like family properties. They have sentimental values.

How To Take Care Of Your Pool Table?

Taking care of your pool table is not rocket science. There are some basic steps that you need to adopt. You don’t even need to be very regular in taking care of pool tables and billiard boards.

Taking Care of the Wood

These tables have a lot of wood. While taking care of these areas you can treat them like any wooden furniture. So, you can dust whenever you feel they are dusty. You can also use wood polish and do some scrubbing.

Taking Care of the Pockets

For the side pockets, you may use a leather conditioner, but ONLY on the outside. Moreover, you should not do it often. Remember that it is not a good idea to apply anything to the inside of the side pockets since this can affect the balls during playing.

Taking Care of the Felt

The table has a felt covering. You need to dust it often to ensure that there is no dust on it. You need to do it often to ensure that there is no dust or remnant of dusting or anything. However, you should do it only with the brush that came with the pool table. Also, you need to do it correctly to ensure that the setting of the felt on the table is not disturbed.

Pool table movers

Taking Care of the Slate

Be aware of the safety of the table while moving it to a new place. There is a slab of slate underneath the felt cover. This keeps the table together. If you move the table improperly, this slab can crack into pieces. This is damage that you need to repair by replacing the broken pieces with a new slab of slate. This is why you need to call Pool table removalistsThese people are experienced in moving pool tables and billiard boards. You can rest assured that you have given your prized possession to some responsible, skilled, and experienced people.


Taking care of pool tables and billiard boards is not a difficult job. You can do it yourself. However, if you are moving it to a new place, Pool table removalists are the best people to go for. They are aware of the proper procedure for dismantling such tables, packing them, transporting them, and then assembling them in the new place. They are professional pool tables and billiard board movers. You can rest assured that they would take due care of your prized possession.


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