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BioX L-Carnitine Liquid Review and Benefits – 2021

BioX L Carnitine Liquid – Gym athletes exercise daily to achieve their desired goals. The body works hard and undergoes stress while pushing the iron. Therefore, it requires protein fibre, vitamins etc. 

Have enough fuel for continuous exercise. We get protein and fibre from our daily diet, but that is not enough to keep pace. Bodybuilding has become a passion for individuals, and it encourages them to achieve innovative physic. Suppose diet is not providing enough protein than what should be the other way to get it. The answer is supplementation; these days market is filled with supplements claiming to be the best.

Here a new athlete might wonder what should be the suitable option. BioX L CARNITINE LIQUID


 is a great energy drink that helps athletes accomplish their goals.

Before jumping into the benefits, let’s have a look at what is l-carnitine 

What is L Carnitine Liquid?

It is a non-essential amino acid, which means we can get it from our diet, as it is available in meat and fish. Many experts indicate that some plant sources also offer L-carnitine, such as soybean and avocado. The expert athletes suggest that L carnitine is an excellent supplement as it Reduces Muscle Damage and burns extra body fat. Many experts explain that 95% of L carnitine is available in the skeletal muscles with trace amounts in blood and liver.

Benefits of BioX L Carnitine Liquid

1- Fat-Loss Aids

It has been theorized that L carnitine Fat-Loss Aids produces energy by using the body’s fat stores. The process of utilizing the power helps in losing fat indeed. Several pieces of evidence suggest that it encourages weight loss by increasing calorie expenditure. Daily use of L-carnitine improves blood and muscular concentrations that enhance metabolism rate.

2- Improved performance 

L-carnitine optimizes the fat fuel of the body and allows athletes to push the iron hard for a long time. A study conducted for three weeks concluded that proper supplements reduce muscle damage from extensive gym workout sessions. L-Carnitine is a multi-skilled supplement that aids in quick muscle recovery and reduces muscle fatigue after intense exercise. In addition, many studies suggest that daily usage of L-carnitine can reduce some metabolic stress markers, but no evidence is available to back the claim.

3- Beneficial for heart health 

Research claims that l-carnitine reduces the risks of cardiac issues injected into the body by a medical expert. It helps in improving heart failure issues and boosts up the energy level. Many studies highlighted that L-carnitine is an Anti-Aging supplement that maintains your energy levels and does not cause any side effects.

How does it work

Thousands of biochemical reactions occur inside the body during exercise. Among all is breaking the enzymes down into stored fats into the fatty acids and glycerol, sugar alcohol. The expert’s gym professionals mentioned that L-carnitine plays a crucial role in the fat metabolism process.

L carnitine Types 

  • L-carnitine Tartrate
  • Acetyl L-carnitine

The L-carnitine tartrate is a common form of L-carnitine and is often available in sports supplements because of quick absorption. Our body also produces it from the amino acids lysine and methionine. It is mainly synthesized in the kidneys and liver before transportation into other body tissues.

Acetyl L-carnitine is also produced in our body from amino acidsALCAR has an acetyl group bonded with the carnitine molecule, which allows it to go through the blood-brain barrier. This supplement is perfect for individuals who like to participate in different sports and achieve innovative physic.

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