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BioX Nitro Juice is our Gold Standard in Weight Gainers

Protein plays a major role in our body as it fulfills energy requirements. Therefore, gym athletes require a huge amount of protein to feel energized and work hard in the gym. Although we get protein from our daily diet it is not enough to meet the requirements of a sports athlete. Supplementation is crucial for gym-goers as a supplement offers a huge amount of protein, amino acids, and other compounds like Creatine, carbohydrates, etc.

Different types of supplements are available in the market that helps individual to achieve fitness goals. Athletes can choose any one as per their requirements as some individuals want to grow muscle others might want to reduce body fat etc. 

Individuals wanting to grow muscle should choose a reliable supplement like Nitro Juice Gainer. A protein drink that offers 57grams of the easily digested protein matrix. Ideal for the people who are hard gainers and want to grow muscle mass. Hard gainers usually aim to grow muscle and they need more calories for the purpose. Therefore, a supplement with added calories is a great option as it helps in gaining more weight and muscle. It contains a reasonable amount of creatine and glutamine.


Below are the advantages of Nitro Juice Gainer 

Weight Gaining Formula

The protein supplement is ideal for new athletes aiming to grow muscle mass. Formulated to assist athletes in reaching fitness goals. The time-released protein matrix offers 8 hours of amino acid release. The Creatine available in supplement offers a great pump to muscles and ensures athlete gets strength and growth. You can consume it before the workout and start hitting the gym hard. Over time, you will experience significant growth in muscles without having any side effects.

Muscle Growth 

Nitro juice supplement contains a reasonable amount of Creatine that is ideal for building muscle mass. Creatine supplies required fuel to the muscles and enable you to work out longer. Apart from increasing muscle size, it also reduces muscle stress and fatigue. The expert athletes claim that supplements having Creatine are perfect for muscle growth and strength enhancement. Moreover, it is ideal for young and adult athletes, studies have shown that using Creatine supplement resulted in muscle growth of both age groups.

A group of research indicates that Creatine is not beneficial for the health and causes side effects. Long-term usage of the supplement can cause kidney problems.

However, the research is at its earliest stages and no evidence has been found to support the claim.

Enhances Strength

Nitro Juice Gainer comes loaded with protein, calories, sugar, and other essential carbohydrates. Proper usage of the supplement enhances the strength of gym athletes. The proper protein supply generates more energy and muscles use it while gym workout sessions. The more you spend time in the gym more the muscles will pump up and your strength will be increased.

Moreover, it shows major improvements in strength if used properly and aids the athlete to perform well.

Muscle Soreness

Muscle soreness often called Delayed-onset Muscle soreness refers to the irritation in muscle. Professional athletes claim that muscle soreness indicates your muscles are growing. However, if muscle soreness remains after a week it might slow down your overall performance. A muscle gainer supplement is advantageous is in this regard and reduces muscle soreness.


Brain Functions

Studies claim that Creatine supplementation is ideal and has a positive impact on the brain.  The brain relies on ATP like the body muscles and produces ATP so a supplement can help do that. Moreover, Creatine increases dopamine levels and enhances mitochondrial function. The old-age individuals can use the supplement to have a strong memory.

Supplements offer huge amounts of protein and carbohydrates to fuel the body. However, proper usage is a condition for getting appropriate results. Therefore, consult with your nutritionist to ensure proper usage and achieve innovative physic. Overdosage might cause headaches and dizziness as well.

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