Black pantsuit

Black pantsuit Gabriela Hurst, Marcia Prada, Donatella Versace. All these designers United by the fact that. Creating their latest collections of Nba young boy merch . In search of inspiration, they turned to the images of strong women and came. The conclusion that nothing emphasizes sexuality. And strength at the same time as pantsuits. In 2022, they will definitely become the main symbol of power dressing and a must.Have for the basic wardrobe. Because they can be worn not only with white shirts in the office. but also with translucent bras for


Woolen, terry, fur, puffy and leather – to help keep our hands warm at the end of this and next year we will not have gloves, as it was in previous seasons, but mittens. For example, short models are suitable for sheepskin coats and down jackets, high ones (almost to the elbows) – for vests and capes, and decorated with rhinestones or sequins – for bright coats in the style of the 2000s. High fur boots

The eggs and moonboots, which were in fashion last winter, will be replaced by fur boots, which became the main shoes at the Chanel and Mau shows and finally proved to everyone that the era of high heels in everyday life is a thing of the past. Of course, first of all you want to wear these ski boots with après-ski style things – puffy overalls, sweaters with Norwegian prints and knitted trousers, but we advise you to decide to experiment and combine them with pleated skirts and column dresses – it will work out too Very unusual.

Low rise jeans

Low-rise jeans in the style of Britney Spears at the beginning of their musical career are still the subject of heated debate: some people think that they all need to be collected in one place and burned, while others wear them with great pleasure. Be that as it may – the naked navel and lower back in the next seasons will only become more popular, so at some point even the most conservative fashionistas will not be able to resist this trend.


If you bought yourself an ultra-fashionable sconce this summer, do not rush to put it in your closet even after the onset of autumn: not so long ago, designers figured out how to adapt it for other seasons. The trick is to wear brightly colored bras right over clothing – shirts, dresses, turtlenecks, and bodysuits – as an optional accessory.

Oversized fur coats

In recent months, several large fashion houses, including Alexander McQueen and Balenciaga, have completely abandoned the use of natural fur, but did not forget about this material, but switched to its more environmentally friendly counterparts. In 2022, many designers offer us to wear not only sports down jackets, but also fur coats, which are great even for extreme frosts. Going shopping (you can do this now), pay attention to the voluminous oversized models of gray-brown color: in them you can simultaneously imagine yourself as a lady of the 18th century, and Chewbacca from Star Wars, and Cruelly De Ville – who is closer to who.

Romantic dresses

Despite the fact that the premiere of the series “Bridger tons” took place in December last year, its influence on the fashion world was so great that it has not lost its strength to this day. Fans of the show, which tells about the life of British aristocrats, amicably fell in love not only with the beautiful Duke of Hastings (Rage Paige), but also with the outfits of his Nba youngboy merch dresses with lantern sleeves, lace, high waist, ruffles and frills, which, in a slightly more modern format, will remain in our wardrobes next year.

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