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Business Growth with PayKun Partner Program – The Best Payment Gateway in India

PayKun payment gateway is among the best payment gateways in India and is popular for its lowest transaction charges and the best customer support. PayKun has the Affiliate Program that provides you with the amazing opportunity to partner with PayKun and you can earn lucrative commissions just by referring your clients and customers. This program is also known as the Reseller Program and Partner Program.

You simply need to register and become a part of our Partner Program and receive the reward on every transaction processed by the merchant registered under your partner account.

For this, you need to refer your clients who accept the online payments and register them under your PayKun Reseller Program account.

Who should be the part of PayKun Partner Program?

The below-mentioned professions and businesses must get on board with the PayKun Reseller Program and refer their clients to process their online payments with the PayKun payment gateway.

– Developers and Software companies

– Bloggers and Influencers

– Refer your subscribers, visitors, viewers and earn yourself the rewards

– Saas and ERP businesses to their clients

– Plugin Partners

– Or any business with their reference who want to process online payments

The process to Start with the PayKun Partner Program

So, how can you partner with PayKun and start earning the commission?

It is an easy process to get registered with the account to join the PayKun partner program. You just need to sign up and submit basic KYC documents for the verification process.

Required Details and Documents during sign up process:

It is a completely online process with basic details such as name, mobile number, email address, Password. And the KYC documentation would include basic documents such as Aadhar Card, Pan Card, and the bank document.

To inquire more about documents or anything else simply contact the PayKun support team. They will provide complete guidance.

Check out the stepwise process below:

1. PayKun Reseller Program Account Registration

  • Register with basic KYC
  • Complete the quick verification process with PayKun
  • Partner account will be activated after successful verification

2. Onboarding merchants

After that, you can start adding your customers and clients through your Reseller Program account. Those added accounts will be verified and onboarded as Merchant accounts from PayKun. After the successful verification, the Merchant account will be activated and they can start accepting the online payments through PayKun.

3. Start earning

Your Partner Program account will start earning the commission or the rewards on each successful transaction processed by the merchant account under you.

4. Partner Dashboard

You can view each transaction processed by the merchant in your Partner Dashboard and also monitor your earnings. The commission will be settled directly in your bank account.

Why refer and earn with PayKun Partner Program?

The PayKun affiliate reseller program offers you the below-mentioned benefits just by referring PayKun payment gateway to your clients:

Easy Registration

Registration and activation of the Partner account is easiest with PayKun

Your merchants will also be onboarded in no time without any hassles

Lucrative Commission

Earn lucrative commission on every successful transaction of your referred client

Realtime Notifications

Realtime notifications are sent for onboarding and registration of partner account as well as your merchants

Earn Goodwill

Builds your reputation and goodwill by providing your services and online payment processing solution in one place

Timely Settlements

Regular settlement of the earned commission directly in your bank account

Smart Dashboard

Easily track and monitor the onboarding of merchants, their transactions, earnings, and your settlements through your transparent partner dashboard

Best Support

Get excellent and personalized support services with PayKun

Introduction to PayKun Payment Gateway

There might be a question that why should your clients or customers choose PayKun Payment Gateway to accept online payments for their business. Below are the significant features of PayKun that makes it the best payment gateway in India:

  • Affordable fees and other charges

Lowest transaction discount rate (TDR) with smooth online payment processing. No other charges such as setup fee, maintenance charge, or integration fee

  • Easy integration

PayKun provides free integration assistance and supports all major website and application platforms for integration

  • Best Customer Support

PayKun assigns a dedicated account manager for each merchant account. Apart from this human support is provided through email, chat, and call support.

  • Payment Method

120+ online payment method options offered with a smooth checkout

  • International Currency

Supports multiple currencies for all major countries

  • Payment Links 

Create and send PayKun Payment Links through email, SMS, Whatsapp, etc and accept online payments without a website or app

  • Smart merchant dashboard

Merchant Dashboard for analytics and transaction monitoring with various other functions such as payment links, refunds, settlements, etc.

  • Best Security 

Secure payment gateway with PCI DSS compliance, SSL certification, and following encryption standards


You can refer your valuable clients to PayKun and be a part of the PayKun Affiliate Partner Program. So, just by doing that, it is so easy to earn lucrative commissions and rewards just by referring. You will receive a partner account percentage from the PayKun fees on each successful transaction of the merchant account registered under your partner account.

Start the Refer and Earn with the best payment gateway in India now…

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