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Buying a pan set: requirements for a good pan

Looking for a nice, good and affordable pan set? For example, because the old one needs to be replaced? Or because you, your son/daughter, a family member, or an acquaintance/friend are going to live on their own? In any case, a pan set is an indispensable ‘tool’ in the kitchen that is used almost every day. It is therefore important to ‘gift’ yourself or someone else a good quality pan set.

What does a pan set consist of? 

Most pan sets that we sell consist of various large and a number of small pans (or pots in Flemish). Usually, there is also a saucepan and a low pan. The more extensive pan sets also contain a frying pan or frying pan (with or without a non-stick coating) and a steamer. When purchasing, pay attention to the heat source you are using. Most people cook on gas or electricity, but we also offer cookware sets that are suitable for other heat sources. 

Requirements for a good pan set

Let’s start by saying that a cookware set should be of good quality, so that it lasts a long time, but that it should also not be too expensive. In our opinion, a good breakdown set satisfies a number of prefaces. In the first place, the bottom of the pan must be sufficiently thick, conduct the heat well, not burn too quickly and be easy to clean. The bottom should be flat and make good contact with the heat source.

Form pan and lid

A good design also has an edge that prevents boiling over, because the lid is slightly recessed by the edge. The lid itself may be made of different materials but must be durable. This also applies to the handles and handles of pans. Preferably, these handles do not get hot, but that is not a hard requirement in order not to exclude a number of high-quality pans. Our range includes a number of very good pan sets where the handles do get warm and you have to use a potholder. No problem as far as we’re concerned. Here you can choose your cookware set.  


Finally, we believe that, in addition to the practical properties, a cooking pan can also be beautiful. After all, it is a utensil that you use in the kitchen for years and something that catches the eye almost every day when the pans are on the fire. A cooking pan can be seen, so spending a little more on a beautiful design is recommended in our opinion. After all, you only buy a good pan set once in your life. After all, the advantage of a pan set is that the pans fit together exactly. This ensures a neat appearance in your kitchen.

Good quality pans

In our webshop, we only sell cookware sets of good quality with long service life. You will find well-known brands such as BK, Sola, Fissler, Zwilling, and many more well-known and less well-known brands. We have extensively tested many of the pans. We fully support the brands that we sell and have selected.

Order cheap and cheap

We sell the cookware sets via the webshop portal of Bol.com. As a partner of BOL.com, we can supply a wide range of cooking pans. You benefit from the purchasing advantage of such a large webshop and we are therefore able to sell some sets on offer or at a discount. 

Do you have any questions or need advice? Leave your question below or send an email to  We are happy to help you make the right choice.

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