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Buying tips kitchen in 2021

These top ten tips for buying a kitchen (update: 15 now) will help you extensively when negotiating the new kitchen. Negotiating your kitchen is not difficult, as long as you prepare it well and take the time.

Tips specifically aimed at preparing for a showroom visit. Our Top 10 tips for buying a kitchen can be used at all kitchen stores in the Netherlands and Germany, with the exception of hardware stores. Advice that puts you in a very strong negotiating position.

The most important kitchen buying tips: 

It’s a bad thought, but almost every new kitchen has 1 error in the delivery. A kitchen is almost never delivered flawlessly. Because a kitchen consists of an enormous number of parts, there is a good chance that your new kitchen will not be delivered without errors.

Are you getting a little anxious about this?

Fortunately, it is often about small carelessness and not about major problems in the kitchen. We regularly receive emails from people with problems with their kitchen business.

For you, who are about to buy a new kitchen, it is useful to read what to look for and information about why you should always apply for legal aid before buying a new kitchen. Get your Cookware set

Legal aid can be realized for a few euros per month. The cover applies to buying a kitchen in the Netherlands, but also if you are going to buy a kitchen in Germany or Belgium, for example. Find cheap legal aid with housing as an option and important: always take out before you buy a kitchen and not during or after!

Sort the range of the kitchen store

If the kitchen store in the range does not have what you are looking for, do not expect to find a solution together with the seller. In general, all stores have a wide variety of kitchen doors and countertops.

80% of households succeed at a kitchen store. 20% cannot find something directly in a store. This is usually located in the worktop or kitchen door. If one of the two is not to your liking, then that is a reason not to buy from a store.

range of kitchen showroom

This is an exception for kitchen equipment, many stores can supply the equipment that they do not have in their range. For example, does a store have Atag but no Gaggenau that you want so badly in your new kitchen? Ask at the store.

There are special exceptions. For example, there are kitchen stores that do not sell classic kitchens. Kvik kitchens for example. The collection only consists of modern kitchens. Or Ikea, where no stone tops are supplied.

The preselection

First, see what you like. You will soon find out when you receive kitchen books or walk into the showroom to look at the range. To see most kitchen setups ‘live’, you will find the largest showrooms here

The same also applies to the price of a kitchen:

 If it is a low-end kitchen and there is little budget for a new kitchen, it makes no sense to look at Bulthaup or SieMatic. These are wonderful books for inspiration.

It takes a lot of time to figure this out in advance. We can also figure it out for you! Request the free brochures below, then you will receive the exact selection from many stores at home.

To take a look at the range of a kitchen store, you can put together a package with kitchen brochures.

This package is available for every budget and includes brochures from luxury stores, but also from budget stores. Ideal for first sorting out shops. For free! 

Know your kitchen space

Knowing your kitchen space is very important when purchasing your new kitchen. If you memorize the kitchen space that the kitchen should be in, you will be more likely to avoid mistakes in the kitchen.

Measure your kitchen space in advance. 

Also, check if your wall is straight. Usually, your kitchen is professionally measured by a mechanic. This happens at 3 heights – bottom, middle and top).

A kitchen consultant can also make mistakes and in general, mistakes are often made, because a kitchen iscomplex and difficult to control.

The height of a windowsill can be important. 

In some cases, the window sits lower than the worksheet. This means that the back of the kitchen is also visible. This side is usually not finished. Notify the kitchen advisor and fitter about this.

An error in the quotation will of course lead to a price fluctuation. So know your space, preferably with measurements. Bringing a map of the room to the meeting is the most convenient.

Know exactly what should go into your kitchen. For example, where should the kitchen be located, the shape and height of the lower and upper cabinets.

If you no longer have to change the kitchen design, it gives clarity and peace of mind when negotiating.

Calculate kitchen costs in advance? 

Do you want to calculate what your new kitchen will cost? There has recently been a handy budget planner, which allows you to calculate the costs of your new kitchen at home in just 5 minutes.

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