Can We Export Contacts from Thunderbird to Outlook – Solved 

If you are searching for one such solution by which you can Export Contacts from Thunderbird to Outlook then you are in the right place. To get the perfect solution to your query stick to this page and you will surely find your appropriate measure.

As a user, it is well known that Mozilla Thunderbird stores contacts in MAB File. If a user wants to import Thunderbird MAB contacts to MS Outlook that case, a user will search for one efficient solution. In this situation, a user will search for one such smart approach. Therefore we analyze their problem: Export Contacts from Thunderbird to Outlook and suggest multiple approaches which help the users to migrate MAB files to Outlook.

“Hello, Guys! I am here on this tech forum with the hope that I will get a foolproof solution to export contacts from Thunderbird to Outlook. The problem is that I want to share my address book with my manager and here, the problem arises that my manager is using Outlook and I am using Thunderbird mail client. Please tell me a quick and assured approach by which I can transfer it without facing any hitch.”

So, we are going to resolve this user query about how to transfer contacts from Thunderbird to Outlook. Let’s begin

Phases of Migrating MAB Files to Outlook 

  • Expert Recommended Solution
  • Two Steps Manual Method
    (a) Export Contacts in CSV format from Thunderbird
    (b) Import CSV files in Outlook

Export Thunderbird Address Book to Outlook – Eminent Approach  

This solution will surely resolve the query related to how a user can convert .mab file format to Outlook. For that use SysTools Thunderbird Address Book Converter Wizard to import the Thunderbird address book to Outlook. 

Step by Step Guide to Export Contacts from Thunderbird to Outlook

  • Launch the suggested MAB Converter.

interface export contacts From Thunderbird to Outlook

  • Click on Add File(s) or Folder(s) or Auto-detect folder 

Add files export Contacts from Thunderbird to Outlook

  • “Browse” the added files Hit On, “Open”

Browse export contacts from Thunderbird to Outlook

  • After the scanning process is done, it will appear on the screen 

scanning process

  • View the added files on the software screen

view the files


click on Export

  • Select the “CSV” file format.

choose the CSV Format

  • Choose the destination path by hitting on “Browse”

destination path

  • Press on, EXPORT


hit on Export

  • Save the generated successfully export report

save export report

  • View your converted files.

view the files exported contacts from thunderbird to outlook

Why You Should Prefer an Expert Suggested Solution

  1. This wizard can convert .mab files to multiple file formats like VCF, PST, PDF CSV, etc.
  2. A user is free to convert their address book to Outlook without installing Thunderbird.
  3. Users can select one single .mab to multiple folders and files.
  4. This software is bug-free as well as completely free from viruses. 
  5. Thunderbird Address book Converter has the option to merge all the MAB Files into one single file.
  6. This tool permits you to transfer MAB Contacts to Outlook without any file size.

Transfer MAB Address Book to Outlook using Thunderbird?

  • Open Mozilla Thunderbird Application 
  • Click Address Book 
  • Press on, Tools and select the Export button.
  • Save “CSV” format

Once you have saved the Thunderbird contacts into the local device. Then, import them into the Outlook platform. 

Import MAB Files in Outlook 

  • Launch MS Outlook Application
  • Select on “File”
  • Click Open & Export and Hit on Import/Export
  • Tap on the Import from another program or file option and press on, the “NEXT” button 
  • Opt, Comma Separated Values and Hit On, Next Button 

The aforesaid manual method is having some shortcomings along with it.

The Drawback of Manual Method

  • This solution is not reliable enough to perform your task. 
  • It consumes so much of your precious time while performing the steps.
  • You might lose your data while converting them because of human error 

Ending Thoughts

In the above method, you will get to know that the manual approach which exists to solve Export Contacts from Thunderbird to Outlook problem is tiresome while processing. To make your task easier we have described the most reliable solution by which you are able to convert your MAB Files into CSV format and import them into MS Outlook. 

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