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Cerner EHR: Top Benefits and Features

A cloud-based EHR for all sizes of practices and specialties, Cerner EHR. With the potential to streamline operations and provide better healthcare facilities. Taking over charting, documentation, health analytics, revenue cycle management, and more functions.

Cerner EHR can provide for 40 different specialties, with room for customization and adjustments as per the requirements of the providers. The simple formula of task automation and recording ability has made it a leading choice for healthcare providers, as it makes more time for focusing on patients’ consultations.

Cerner Software assists 27,500 healthcare facilities throughout more than 35 countries. With experience beyond 40 years in the information technology industry and managing healthcare operations. Therefore, Suits most healthcare setups and specialties with its extensive EHR design.

Cerner EHR Software Benefits and Insights

  • Increased Productivity with Efficiency: Data documentation and charting time reduced to half, resulting in patient care as a top priority. Providing more accurate diagnosis with leveraged health analytics and other useful tools. Accurate information also with the help of real-time updates. 
  • Patient Experience: A user portal in-Built to save time and offer convenience for patients. However, With the help of the portal patients can view lab results, check-in online before the visit, edit personal information, and have access to communication with the provider as and when they like,
  • Usability: User-Friendly navigation with an interface built for the ease and convenience of both patients and providers both.
  • Service Support 24/7: A support suit to be availed anytime for any assistance regarding the software; installation, implementation, and more.
  • Integration of Clinical and Financials: Sharing of information across departments via software for billing and clinical use, integrated to streamline all processes.
  • Network: A health network Architecture to support integration with clinics across the network, for operational and financial data usage. Therefore, A platform both intelligent and extensible for a continuum of care.
  • Cerner Millennium: A comprehensive Cerner Electronic Health Record to aggregate and normalize data across all providers and platforms. Therefore, It securely connects every aspect of care for patients with the help of HealthIntentSM.
  • CareAware: Using CareAware leverage interoperability between medical devices, Cerner EHR systems, and healthcare applications. A platform for device connectivity.
  • Support by Developer: Cerner software Open Developer Experience allows users to connect with developers and third-party collaborations to encourage open communication and work around with API documentation, guidelines, and access tools for the development of the app. However, nurture creative ideas and improvements.

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Cerner EHR Features

  • Clinical Documentation: Automatically including patient diagnosis and medications. The use of narration, auto text, voice recognition, also speech to text support makes charting and documentation fast and accurate. 
  • Built-In Templates: Physicians given an option to choose from a wide range of templates have to spend much less time on organizing data as they can choose and get straight to work with options available.
  • Patient Portal: For online check-ins, check-out, refills requests, clinical information view, and communication with providers. However, Also, have available 3,000 + topics for Healthcare education to take advantage of.
  • Mobile Application: Enables physicians to access data anywhere anytime, app has a feature of voice dictation to help physicians document their encounters on the go. The app also allows providers to review charts, request refills, check clinical results, and review diagnoses.
  • Revenue Cycle Management: Improving workflow while controlling cost to increase revenue.
  • Health Analytics: Insights for enhancing population health strategies and enhancing clinical and financial data. Helping to identify long-term and daily operational improvement opportunities 
  • Scheduling Management: For automation in the process of scheduling appointments from centralized and other booking locations. Also, manage’s scheduling series of appointments and scheduling across multiple facilities. It validates the necessity of medical workflow at many points. Therefore, It is also used to prevent adverse appointments and procedures exchanges. All of this support is available in a single view so that better understanding can be achieved. 
  • Patient Kiosk: Helping in patients’ check-ins, appointment scheduling, and signing of consent from and other health declarations available for upload in the Cerner EHR.
  • PowerChart Touch: Similarly that, Physicians in acute or ambulatory care are enabled to access and review all clinical and current orders on mobile devices.
  • EMPI: to minimize the duplication of records or patients enabling locating patients easily through an Enterprise Master Person Index.
  • Ambulatory Organizer: However, It has a patient visit summary for the use of providers and also indicated outstanding tasks for providers if any.
  • Ambulatory registration Management: with a master person identifier and facilitating Co-Pay or payments for outstanding balances. Automating the whole process from registration, admittance, transfer, and discharge. 
  • Tap-And-Go Authentication: Using a single user name and password clinicians can access several key applications on any clinical workstation. For logging in a badge to scan into their virtual desktops to gain access to all medical records, at any location.
  • Analytics: Reports using the data integrated across the health system to examine enterprise and population health information. To strategize and imply remedies for the processes and improve cost utilization, check the utilization of pharmacy and PM to reduce duplicative efforts

Cerner EHR cost

Cerner EHR Price starting from $25.00 per year. No free trial. No free version. Therefore, Cerner EHR Demo can be requested for further learning.

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