Common iPhone 6s Screen Issues and Their Fixes

The iPhone 6s brought several new things, both in the hardware and software aspect to make it one of the best selling iPhones of its time. Features like 3D Touch, front camera retinal scan, battery, and dynamic “Live Photos” were introduced with this version of the iPhone. However, the same model was prone to several issues as well like the ‘bendgate’ controversy, dropped calls and more. In this article, we’ll address some of the screen related issues faced by the users and some iPhone 6s screen repair tips.

While reading through, you should keep in mind that the iPhone 6s has released nearly six years ago hence a number of issues can occur due to software glitches only and might not have anything to do with the hardware.

Common iPhone 6s Screen Issues

Black Screen

An iPhone with a black screen can be really frustrating. This issue can occur due to several different reasons. An outdated iOS version, buggy apps, no storage space left, memory issues and more. If you are faced with this issue, the display of your iPhone would’ve gone black and become completely unresponsive. If someone calls, you would hear the phone ringing but you can’t accept it because there’s nothing on the screen and no matter how many times you slide your finger on the screen, the call isn’t received.

Unresponsive Screen

This is similar to the black screen issue but the only difference is that you are able to see the screen, you just can’t do anything on it. A corrupt application is one of the biggest reasons for this issue to occur. Try deleting the app you think causes the screen to become unresponsive. If this doesn’t solve the issue, try following one of the iPhone 6s screen repair steps listed below.

Screen Flickering

If a random grey line appears on your screen and tends to flicker while you are using the device, there might be a problem with the Touch ICs installed on the logic board of the phone. However, it isn’t necessary that hardware is the only reason for your screen to flicker. It can happen due to memory issues, poor software optimization, buggy apps, outdated software and more.

Ghost Touches

Ghost touches or Touch Disease is a common issue for iPhone 6 models. Even Apple has addressed it in their multi-touch repair program. If you’ve dropped the phone multiple times and are facing this issue, Apple will repair your device inside a service price quoted by the manufacturer itself.

Possible Solutions for iPhone 6s Screen Issues

Here are some fixes that you can try on your own to solve some of the screen issues mentioned above.

  • Force Restart your iPhone

A simple reboot can also fix several software issues but if nothing happens after you’ve restarted the device, you can try to Force Restart it. For this, you need to press and hold the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button for 10 seconds until you can see an Apple logo on the screen.

  • Restore the phone through iTunes

Connect your iPhone to a PC or Mac with the latest version of iTunes using a USB cable. Keep the phone connected and then press the Home and Sleep/Wake button together. Keep pressing it until you see the Recovery Mode screen come up. When prompted to Restore or Update, select Update.

  • Free Up Some Space

If there are photos, files, or apps you don’t use or don’t want, keeping them in the phone can make it buggy and cause the issues specified earlier. Free up some space from your iPhone, reboot it and see if the issues are fixed.

  • Update the iPhone

Apple has announced that the iPhone 6s will be getting the iOS 15 update whenever its available. So if you haven’t updated the device in a long time, complete this process first as software updates tend to solve a lot of glitches and bugs on their own.

  • Reduce Transparency

This is a temporary solution that some users found helpful in case of flickering screens and other display issues. Head over to Settings > General > Accessibility > Reduce Transparency and enable the feature.

These are some of the best tried and tested tips that have proven to solve the display issues for a number of users. However, if your device isn’t fixed after following these steps, you might want to get your iPhone 6s looked at by a professional for a complete diagnostic. They can perform the iPhone 6s screen repair if the issues are caused due to a hardware related issue. Rapid Repair is a trusted Apple service provider and can fix your iPhone 6s no matter where you live. They provide a free pickup service to take the phone from your doorstep. and their Level 4 trained professionals will repair the device at an affordable price and send it back to you

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