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Complete Job Description of a Registered Nurse

The healthcare industry is projected to have an increase in demand for workers and will provide ample job opportunities. Job seekers will have access to a lot of different career and job paths in the healthcare industry for the foreseeable future. One great job available for those job hunting is becoming a registered nurses. 

Who are Registered Nurses? 

Registered nurses work in various institutions of the healthcare industry and have a wide range of responsibilities. The various healthcare institutions that registered nurses are required at include doctor’s offices, hospitals. Registered nurses have a different set of responsibilities based on their level of education or training, where they work, and the location of the job opportunity. 

They work alongside other medical practitioners and are primarily tasked with assessing and evaluating a patient’s conditions.  They also monitor a patient’s medical plan and see if the treatment plan is working well. The other responsibilities that come with this job opportunity include administering medications, educating patients about their illness, educating patients about treatment plans, documenting patient care, and ensuring treatment plans all follow the appropriate rules and regulations. 

To become a rn nurse a job seeker must earn an associate degree in nursing. They can also get the job of a registered nurse by obtaining a Bachelor of Science in nursing. They also have to pass the NCLEX-RN exam that is administered by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing. Some states have their own licensing body and they have their own specific requirements to become a registered nurse. 

What is the job description of a registered nurse?

Registered nurses’ main responsibility is to care for their patients. While respecting the patient’s rights, values, dignity, expressed needs, and cultural preferences. They assess the patient’s various social, physical, and psychological needs. Job seekers aiming to become registered nurses should be capable of doing these tasks.

Registered nurses have to regularly conduct various physical exams in order to assess a patient’s health problems. These diagnostic tests provide valuable information on the patient’s condition and needs. Based on these exams the registered nurse can work along with other medical professionals to create a plan of action to help the patient’s medical condition. They review and maintain medical records. Registered nurses also have to collect urine samples, draw blood, and other body fluids for lab tests. 

Those trying to find a job as a registered nurse should know that they will be responsible for implementing physician’s orders. Registered nurse provide direct care to injured, ill, and disabled patients. This means they perform treatments, administer medications, and interpret the results of various physical tests. 

Here are the list of Registered Nurse job description:-

Nurse implement and develop patient care plans. Job seekers who are considering a job as registered nurses have to counsel patients and their family members on various topics. These topics include health maintenance and disease prevention. Registered nurses also educate their patients about their medical condition and the treatment plan. 

Patients undergo physical, mental, and emotional duress that can seriously affect their quality of life. As such those looking to get a job opportunity as a registered nurse should be capable of providing adequate emotional and psychological support to the patient.

RN need to have a great bedside manner, attentive listening skills, ability to communicate, and be empathetic when dealing with both patients and the patient’s loved ones. They involve patients and their loved ones in decisions regarding the treatment.

RN are also in charge of maintaining a safe and hygienic work environment at the medical health facilities that they are employed at. They also have some responsibility in preparing the patient’s rooms. And decontaminating instruments and medical equipment that will be used to treat the patient.

A lot of patients experience pain in many different ways. Registered nurses assess the level of pain that the patient is going through. Registered are trained to teach and implement pain management techniques on their patients.

They work alongside other medical health professionals to devise and implement care plans for the patient.  Based on how the patients respond to the care plan, the registered nurses revise the care plan. Registered nurses document patient history, patient symptoms, and the various tests or assessments that are conducted on the patient. 

What are the different types of Registered nurses? 

One of the main benefits of a registered nurse job opportunities is that there are a lot of different types of registered nurses. Registered nurse work in a lot of different work settings and work with different work populations requiring different registered nurse specializations available for a job seeker. Here are some of the types of registered nurses:

Pediatric Registered Nurse:

These registered nurse are in charge of providing medical care for patients from birth through adolescence. The pediatric registered nurses provide medical care for infants and children to teenagers. These nurses offer emotional support, counseling, and educate their patients about illnesses and medical procedures.  Those trying to find a job as pediatric registered nurses have to be comfortable dealing with children who would not be able to clearly communicate their problems. 

Medical-Surgical Registered Nurse:

These nurses manage multiple patients at once while providing care and treatment to those who are ill and injured. These nurses are hired at the surgical suite at different medical healthcare centers.  At these surgery centers, they provide various services like administering medications, changing dressings, monitoring vital signs, and providing wound care. These surgical medical nurses also implement nursing care plans while implementing support systems and educating the patients. 

Intensive Care Units Registered Nurses:

ICU  nurses are a great job opportunity for those job searching. These nurses perform a variety of tasks in delivering care to seriously ill or injured patients. They provide constant support during a patient’s recovery. Run diagnostic tests, respond to medical emergencies, and analyze any change to a patient’s medical condition.

Emergency Room Registered Nurse:

These nurses work as a part of a team to care for patients with various illnesses, life-threatening conditions, and trauma in emergency situations. The main responsibilities that come with this job opportunity are to administer medicines, perform medical operations, and manage life support needs. 


Registered nurses play a vital role in the health care industry and provide valuable service to society as a whole. However, there are a few caveats that come with becoming a nurse as the job can be extremely challenging with long hours. Job seekers should try to become a registered nurses as there is a huge potential for growth in the field as well well as demand. Looking for job ? Apply for registered nurse jobs with

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