Could the wedding season bring worries about the wedding planner cost?

Wedding season brings worries of costs I agree. When it comes to the preparation of a wedding then, suddenly the list of items that cost us, ping in our minds such as outfits, decorations, venues, vendors, makeup artists and a lot more. Above it, a wedding planner is also on the list of the cost for the wedding. Many people think wedding planners are an extra expenditure at weddings but let me tell you. A good wedding planner would never be an expenditure at your wedding. Rather than this, they make your wedding more convenient for you. As they help to find the venues and other vendors of weddings. So I would like to share some information about the general wedding planner cost for Jaipur wedding. So without stretching it, let’s move towards the cost of the wedding planner. 

How much do wedding planners cost?

Wedding planners are charged in two ways. Let’s understand with details, and then decide to choose your convenient way. First, wedding planner costs are similar anywhere in India. The basic cost of a wedding planner is INR 50K to INR6+Lakh. Although this depends on the wedding planner experience and the type of wedding they need to plan. Plus it depends on the budget or the scale of the wedding as well.  

In general, they would charge 10 to 20% of your overall budget, which includes the services, role and responsibilities, and the size of the gathering. Second, wedding planners have a specific range of services packages, which cost might differ. The other cost of higher-end estimates is over 30% of your budget, whereas low ranges with minimal assistance. 

So, this is a basic cost of a wedding planner that offers a different level of coordination to run with your budget and desired level of service. If you are looking to save money then you should know some facts that will reduce the cost. If you need a day coordinator then you can take assistance from a wedding decorator in Jaipur. This will improve your cost better than a wedding planner. Moreover, I would like to share some facts that will adjust the cost of your wedding planner with the overall budget. 

Four Factors That Affect Wedding Planning Costs

  • If you are planning your wedding at a hill station instead of metropolitan cities, then it will cost you less.  
  • End time plans cost you more than usual. Rather than you should plan your wedding within five and six months. So wedding planners would not need extra time to meet your expectations, and they won’t have to charge extra. 
  • Knock some people off if you can because if you consider the budget before and after, then it will be a day and night difference. So cutting your wedding guest list would be a better option you could do.
  • Make small sacrifices with other vendors. This will reduce your cost, and no one would feel. 

How much do wedding planners cost – conclusion 

Here I am with the conclusion of the wedding planner cost for Jaipur wedding. I hope you like this and it will help you in any way. This would become savier for you if you consider these factors at the time of your wedding planning. For more queries, you can take assistance from a wedding decorator in Jaipur. They will help you in making your wedding super hit awesome in season.


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