Different Boot Styles and Their Corresponding Activities

One of the oldest foot wares ever known to man are the boots. Boots are an interesting thing because as we grew as a society more and more various styles and types of boots have emerged over the market.  Overtime boots have been made trendy and readily available on every fashion market around the world. Here are some of the most common types of boots and their practical uses.  

Dry Suit Boots

Dry Suit boots are essential PPE or Personal Protective Equipment for those whose jobs involve going around or into waters and rivers and drainages. These boots are typically worn by fisher folks and other professionals who jobs involve moving around wet watery areas. These are designed to fit neatly on feet and ankles and can be worn over other boots for an extra layer of protection. Mostly are made of special rubber which does not become slippery when exposed to moisture. This type of boot is very fashionable.

Cowboy Boots

Cowboy Boots are one of the classical types and design of boots. These boots are made famous by western style movies in Hollywood; thus, they became immortalized in the fashion industry. Also known as Ariat boots, aside from fashion lines, they are a much-needed equipment for horseback riding and other equestrian related events. Basically, its design and style are specifically made to be fit with riding horses and even rodeo events. Designed with slightly elevated calf to fit nearly on the saddle footing and is designed for the riders to dismount easily from their ride. 

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Hiking Boots

Hiking boots came later on than many of the boot’s styles. These boots are made for specific needs and that is rough terrain hiking. With these boots the hiker’s foot is protected from heat and other debris that might cross the hiker’s way. It comes with a leather material commonly because leathers can be durable and slightly flexible at the same time. It has hard soles which can withstand the constant pressure from hiking. Other hiking boots come up with their own features such as snow hiking boots, and even wet season hiking boots. 

Russian Boots

Named after the coldest region in the plant, Russian boots are boots that are made of or has thick fur to protect the wearer against extreme cold. Also called the Valenki, these boots are handmade and are very sturdy. They come across many styles and sizes for aesthetic purposes. 

For the practicality of having very cold snow season these boots can be worn either way, which means there are no right or left part, it is what it is because in extreme cold in Russia finding the pair for a boot might seem risky. Actually very time-consuming for the wearer, thus they are made in such a way. 

Boots have been evolving with man as long and as far as history can tell. It has been the mark of our slow evolution and also the changes with the tasks and activities that we have as a species.

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