Different Types of French Bulldogs

In this paragraph, we are going to know different types of French Bulldogs. We have selected 10 different kinds of French Bulldogs that we are going to discuss. In this journey, you can understand many types of French and you can decide which dog breeds are better for you.

Different Types of French Bulldogs

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In the following, we are going to know 10 different kinds of French Bulldogs

1. Blue French Bulldogs


Blue French Bulldogs are one of the known dog breeds in the world. It is known as a bluish-gray coat. Because of their small size, we can keep them easily in any small Apartment. It is a very apartment-friendly dog breed. Their maintenance cost is very low. They do not need heavy exercise. By less exercise, they can remain healthy. They can easily adjust to any hot climate.


2. Merle French Bulldogs


It is another type of French Bulldogs. They have adorable patches on their skin. They are famous for their blue eyes. For this reason, they are expensive.


3. Blue Sable


Among the different kinds of French bulldogs, Blue Sable is another rare breed. They are similar to other Frenchie. Their coat color is rare. So they look very unique.


 4. Sable French Bulldogs



There are different types of Bulldogs but we can recognize Sable French Bulldogs for their dark mahogany coat. You cannot find any patch on their body because their skin is a solid color.


5. Cream French Bulldogs


For the pure cream color, this type of French is different from others. They are one of the French bulldogs which are very cuddly for the people. They do have not any spots on his skin. So they look very attractive and cuddly.


6. Pure Black French Bulldogs


Pure Black French Bulldogs are very popular dog breeds in the world. They are very rare in the market. They are well known for their pure black color. If you love the black color then you can find them as your pet.


7. Lilac French Bulldogs


Among the many types of bulldogs, Lilac French Bulldogs are the best type of dog breed. This is another rare and expensive French Bulldog. Around the mouth of the French Bulldogs, there are Pale pink markings. Their nose also has that type of marking.


8. White French Bulldogs


Some types of French Bulldogs, White French Bulldogs are famous for their cuddly color. For their white color, we know them as White French Bulldog. But they have a pink color of mouth. They can probably lose their hearing.



9. Brindle French Bulldogs


They are one of the types of French Bulldogs. They can have stripes and spots on the other hand they can have a wide range of patterns. These types of Bulldogs are very friendly.



10. Fawn French Bulldogs


There are other kinds of French Bulldogs that are named Fawn French Bulldogs. These kinds of French Bulldogs are adorable in their nature. They sleep 12-14 hours. Other types of French Bulldogs also need to sleep at the same time. These types of French Bulldogs coat colors are light cream. You can find these kinds of French Bulldogs commonly in the market. They are available all the time.

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